HSE Construction sector health and safety plan 2017

All construction workers will know health and safety is important but sometimes it is hard keeping up with the latest HSE construction legislation. Reducing risk is always going to be the priority, but preventing HSE intervention can seem like an all-together different challenge in itself. With new regulations updated all the time, how is an average builder supposed to keep their head above the water? HBXL is here to help! We have broken down the latest HSE construction sector health and safety plan for 2017 so that builders and developers can easily decipher the HSE‘s latest focuses and we offer a software solution that helps deliver HSE compliance…

HSE construction sector health and safety review

According to the HSE, construction is still one of the most dangerous industries and is higher than the all industry average for both work-related illness and workplace injury. Despite representing only around 7% of the GB workforce, construction accounts for about a quarter of all GB fatal injuries with 210 death in the five years leading up to March 2016.

Fatal incidents are on a decline over the past decade, but the levels of incidents and ill health remain high. The construction sector has statistically higher rate of occupational lung disease and musculoskeletal disorders than the all industry average. Health and safety software, Health & Safety Xpert has a range of documents to help reduce these, and many more, health issues on site.

What kind of project is more at risk?

The HSE claim that despite substantial risks on larger projects, it is in fact smaller projects experience the majority of fatal accidents and nearly half of all reported injuries occur in refurbishment work. They say larger projects are generally better at controlling risks than smaller projects where there can be a lack of awareness of even basic health and safety obligations.

HSE Priorities for 2017

Based on the current position of the industry the HSE have highlighted the three top priorities for health and safety in the construction industry:HSE-construction-sector-plan-2017-health-and-safety-software-heard-hat

  • Reducing incidents of ill health, with a particular focus on occupational lung disease and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Supporting small businesses to achieve improved risk management and control
  • Embedding the principles of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM)

The HSE have explained in detail how they aim to meet these priorities. The main areas will include higher numbers of inspections and enforcement with a focus on health risks, refurbishment and asbestos removal. Ensuring CDM 2015 is fully understood and actioned across the board and that all duty holders are aware of their responsibilities and actioning them.

The obvious answer

With health risks still high and an increase in inspections and enforcement on the horizon, builders would be wise to get their health and safety in check. Coming back to the original question, how is the average builder expected to keep up with constantly changing legislation and apply it onsite? The obvious answer is with Health & Safety Xpert – leading health and safety software for the domestic construction industry.

Health & Safety Xpert is the straightforward software to help builders and developers meet all the HSE requirements. Packed full of health and safety documents including Construction Phase Plans, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Risk Assessments, health and safety policy, CHASS, Pre-construction information, health and safety file and much more.

The software chooses the required documents based on the job spec so builders don’t have to spend time wading through forms and jargon working out what documents are applicable and necessary. Not only that, Health & Safety Xpert will fill in some of the key details automatically, saving builders time and effort. All that is required of them is to quickly review and then apply practically on site.

HSE compliance could not be simpler with Health & Safety Xpert. Give us a call on 0117 9167898 to discuss how it can help your building firm.