We've been helping builders excel for over 20 years...

Twenty plus years in the business has taught us a thing or two. We've learnt that choosing software for your building business is right up there with taking on a new employee.

You have to get it right. You haven’t got time to waste.

You’ll be investing time showing them the ropes, you might have to pay for training. They need to fit in. The right attitude is crucial. Will they be reliable? Will they care? You don’t want to recruit a second time.

But surely software is all about computer programming? Not so. As important as the software is (flaky, error-prone software is obviously no use to anyone) you’re going on a journey with a team of people, not the software.

Discover here why we’re worth the investment of your time and money. And in our 20th Anniversary year there are even more reasons...

We make complex straightforward

We could easily develop phone apps for builders. But we don’t. It would be like giving a ground worker a spoon. It just wouldn’t be fit for purpose. A simple, lightweight solution wouldn’t do justice to the serious challenges builders and developers face. But, and this is really important, heavy-duty software needn’t be over-complicated. Not at HBXL anyway. We create user-friendly, straightforward processes and tools to manage the powerful inner workings of the software.

Our products talk to each other

Who wants to keep entering the same data into different software, wastingtime and increasing the odds of mistakes? We didn’t think you would either. So we invented ‘X-Connex’ technology so you only input the projectdata once into EstimatorXpress for it to be read by Health & Safety Xpert, ContractsXpert and ProjectXpert. And get this, EstimatorXpress reads PlansXpress plan drawings.

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We help mind your own business

All that valuable data on each and every job can tell you so much about your business. We use formulae to analyse your margins, your win rate and more. The 80+ EstimatorXpress reports help your projects run efficiently and profitably. Build programmes, materials lists, cashflow reports…Same goes for every product in the suite

We invest heavily in research and development

Take EstimatorXpress 2019. It’s the 11th version of EstimatorXpress and has taken well over twelve months and six people to get it to where we want it to be. That costs money in time and expertise, which is why we plough at least 25% of our income into R & D. No golf days for us…

We review materials prices from a wide number of merchants

With ever-increasing price rises, this is crucial for estimating. You can link your EstimatorXpress to thousands of live prices using our Price Tracker+. Our independence allows us to partner builders’ merchants large and small. Our product catalogue is huge! And you can also access your own trade account with its negotiated terms.

We regularly update the software

Subscribers automatically get the Support & Updates package and customers who buy the software outright, have it free of charge in year one.

We’re award-winners

…and we don’t mean from 10 years ago. And we can back up our claims with actual shiny awards! You don’t win accolades standing still. You have to keep pace with change. We’re recognised by experts in their field and our own customers for our innovation and progressive thinking.

2019 Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards - Best Construction Software Provider - winner

2019 RegTech Project of the Year for Health & Safety Xpert – finalist

2019 Software Innovation Solution of the Year for EstimatorXpress - finalist

2018 ACQ5 Global Awards UK – Niche technology support provider of the year (construction) – winner

2017 NatWest Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 - finalist

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We’re hugely supportive

Imagine your employee becoming disinterested as soon as their three-month probation period has passed? Worse still, they basically switch off. Nightmare. At HBXL we encourage our software users to get in touch with any question or issue whenever. We’ll listen to your suggestions. We’re interested in your business. We’re in this together. Our Support & Updates package provides uncapped, unlimited help. As we’ve said, subscribers automatically get the package and lifetime licence holders have it free of charge in year one.

We also provide a New User Pack! So whether you buy software outright or start subscribing, you’ll receive a welcome pack which will include a set of vouchers including window and door discounts from our partners Crystal Direct, free training with Videotile, free business mentoring, a discount on the Self Build & Design magazine, money-off our Estimating Service and much more. And it doesn’t stop there! We support your business marketing with eye-catching promotional stickers for the back of your vehicles, HBXL logos and text for your website. We’re so much than software – we’re here to help you achieve success in any way we can.

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Training and resources

Since we don’t expect you to be an IT guru we wouldn’t expect you to produce an estimate or draw a 4-bed house on day one. No one gets the keys to the car without some practice. So we’re by your side for as long as it takes. Our support website has handy videos, FAQs and Getting Started guides. We also provide training webinars and a complimentary series of online EstimatorXpress or Take-off software skills sessions. And you can always purchase additional training. It’s there if you need it.

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We’re not just a cog in a wheel

HBXL Building Software is its own limited company. The board is our board. We’re totally independent which brings numerous benefits. We can react fast. We abide by the same values we started the business with. And if we want to spring a short-notice discount we can. Happy days!

We have good credentials

HBXL has been an integral part of the construction industry for twenty years. Nearly 20,000 licenses across the UK equates to a lot of accurate quotations, loads of professional plan drawings, widespread good health and safety practice, lots of builders being paid on time…

A family concern, HBXL was founded by a builder and developer on a mission to improve the lot of the small business owner. Even today we never forget the reason for our existence.

We’re proudly a UK company

Our HQ is in the UK. We’re registered in the UK. The software is designed specifically for UK laws, planning, building regulations and HSE recommendations.

We come with good references

Just as you’d seek references for your new employee, you’re welcome to talk to our business partners, such as The Better Business Group who advise their builder clients on improving the profitability of their businesses, or the 1000s of builders who use HBXL software. Take a look at a few testimonials here, or our new Trustpilot page.

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