We understand the dilemma. You’re inundated with quote requests and realise estimating software is the way to speed things up – but you don’t feel you’ve got time to do the necessary research to find the right solution for you. We’re here to help. We’ve unpicked the main differences between EstimatorXpress and BuilderTrend to help you decide which is most suitable for your building firm.

Cloud v Desktop

The first major difference between BuilderTrend and EstimatorXpress is the platform on which they sit. EstimatorXpress is a desktop-based estimating software package whereas BuilderTrend is cloud-based construction management software. HBXL are proud to say EstimatorXpress is a desktop-based application. It means you can use EstimatorXpress anywhere, whether you have broadband access or not, including on site. Plus, there’s no down-time if you have internet issues (on those days when your provider is doing “essential maintenance work”…)

Construction Management v Estimating Software

It probably goes without saying but, if you’re looking for software to help you estimate building costs and produce quotations, you need estimating software. EstimatorXpress is a one-stop estimating tool (the clue’s in the name…) BuilderTrend, whilst it has an estimating feature, is a construction management app with a broad management toolset. The estimating module doesn’t seem to have been giving vast amounts of TLC. More of that in a moment…

Estimating from Scratch v Pre-populated Quote Templates

This is possibly the most fundamental difference between EstimatorXpress and BuilderTrend. EstimatorXpress gives you around 200 quote templates for a range of typical projects from extensions and new builds to garages and renovations. These pre-loaded quote templates can be used to cost a project from start to finish, enabling you to complete extension estimates in under and hour and renovation work in thirty minutes.

For example, select a quote template for a ‘Apex Valley Roof Double Storey Extension’, key in the length and width of the extension, ceiling heights and roof pitch, and do a quick check of the default specification. The estimate then builds as EstimatorXpress prices up each phase of the job, from foundations through to decoration. It automatically estimates the area of brickwork, blockwork, cavity insulation, plastering and paint, plus the length of skirting board and so on, based on the length and height of the external wall, with any window and door areas netted off. Make any tweaks you like to the specification – for example swapping the type of insulation or the brick price – and the estimate updates in real time. The process is highly automated whilst remaining incredibly flexible.

Estimating in BuilderTrend works quite differently. There are no prep-populated job templates; instead, you’ll have to build your own templates from scratch, adding your own lines of data or importing data from Excel. The estimating feature in BuilderTrend is an empty shell, ready for you to populate with data.

The real benefit of EstimatorXpress is that you’re purchasing estimating content – the quote templates – which automate and speed up the estimating process.

Self-maintained Material Prices v Live Material Prices

With rising material prices, estimating software linked to up-to-date material prices should be a non-negotiable. Unfortunately, BuilderTrend requires you to input and maintain your own prices. EstimatorXpress features Price Tracker+ which brings up-to-date material prices directly into your software. We also have links with various builders’ merchants, meaning you can download your terms and discounts directly into the price book. In short, it means your estimates will always be based on the latest material prices, saving masses of time and stress.

US-based v UK-based

The final point of difference is that, whereas BuilderTrend is a US company producing solutions for the US market, HBXL is a UK company developing products for the UK market. As a UK builder, you want software which meets UK building regulations and you want a support team which is available in UK time. When working with EstimatorXpress, costs will be estimated in pounds, not dollars and you’ll see English spelling in your quotes – no spellings like “labor” which may look like typos. If you’re looking for an estimating software solution designed for UK small to medium sized builders, EstimatorXpress ticks all the boxes.

That said, we’d always recommend checking out reviews of the estimating software solutions you’re considering before purchasing.  It’s important to ensure the solution you go for fits your business and needs. At HBXL, you can evaluate our software through personal 1-2-1 demonstrations, videos, webinars and events.

Don’t forget to consider the 11 awards we’ve won, our customer testimonials, and our 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

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