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Are you on top of your income and outgoings? Do you factor overheads into every single project quotation? Or do you eat into your profit margin every time?

There’s more to pricing a construction project than materials, plant and labour – the overheads for running your business are crucial too – on every quote. If you don’t cover the cost of insurance, leases, rental, and so on, you risk losing money on the job. So to help, we’ve created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template populated with the descriptions of the types of overheads that you can download and use for your own business. Everything from insurance to leases. Then add in your projects for the next 12 months and you get a picture of your business financials going forward. It’s worth watching our ‘Price & Profit’ Masterclass video as well for some more tips.

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How do you judge your profitability currently? Do you base it on how busy you are? How many jobs are going through each year? It’s very easy to be ‘busy’ and to think you are making money, especially if there’s some cash in the bank. But that’s not the start and finish of it – far from it.

Our ‘Price & Profit Masterclass for Builders’ is definitely worth watching here. Simon Lazarus of The Better Business Group, network partners of HBXL, is an experienced mentor to building firm owners. He gave some seriously valuable tips on when to apply your profit – and how much it should be. Simon runs through how important it is to think about the future and challenges you to think about where you want to be in say, five years time.

Through our partnership with The Better Business Group you can receive a FREE over-the-phone 1-hour Business Review and Mentoring Session. Includes detailed surveys of your last six jobs – an amazing insight into your customer likes and dislikes.

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