Our team, from the developers to the tech crew, exists to make your construction business easier to manage, solving daily pains, helping you win more, better work - and yes, make more money!

We look forward to you joining our huge UK-wide builder community of HBXL software users. Your competitors may already be on board…

And with the happy news that we won’t be blinding you with science when we speak, why not start by requesting a quick online demonstration with one of the HBXL team.

Personal demonstration - over the computer

A non-techy sales consultant can give you a remote demonstration live on your own computer screen at a time to suit you between Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm. You just need a PC or laptop, phone and an internet connection.

• Book it over the phone on 0117 916 7898
• Book it via the website here

Choose the software you’d like to see in action on the form or talk to one of the sales consultants about your business and particular issues to find the most relevant solution.

Book your demo

Your choice of demonstrations

• An estimate in 30-minutes from a pre-loaded quotation template
• An automatic estimate from a take-off of an existing plan
• An estimate from a building plan drawn from scratch
• Or just CAD? Plan drawing, elevations and 3D model
• Health & safety documentation specific to a project
• All the building contracts you need for a specific project
• Gantt charts to manage a complex project or multiple projects.

Of course you can ask as many questions as you like as while our sales consultant walks you through the software. It can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as you need.

Becoming an owner or subscriber

You can get your hands on our software by going online to our shop website or by phoning 0117 916 7898 Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm. Find details of pricing here. You’ll then be sent instructions on downloading the software to your computer. And our comprehensive support package will kick in straight away.

You’ll also receive a New User Pack which includes a set of vouchers including window and door discounts from our partners Crystal Direct, free training with Videotile, free business mentoring, a discount on the Self Build & Design magazine, money-off our Estimating Service and much more. And it doesn’t stop there! We also support your business with TEAM HBXL, our specialist business coaches. You can look forward to free 1-2-1 online sessions on business, finances, renewable energy and more.

Early days support for new users

For many of our customers the demonstration alone prompts them to invest in the software, knowing that they will be properly supported as they familiarise themselves with the software. And that help includes:

• Complimentary online software skills courses for EstimatorXpress and our Take-off & Estimate Kit
• Uncapped, unlimited help at the end of the phone 9.00am-5.30pm (Mon-Fri)
• Uncapped, unlimited email and chat support
• How-to videos, Getting started guides and FAQs
• Training webinars.

The great thing about HBXL Support is that you’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will check in to see how things are going and encourage you to use the Tech Team each and every time there’s a problem or query. A little and often we always say! They’re friendly and well-liked - see here!

Long-term support for users

HBXL customers who use our software on a daily basis are not surprisingly absolute ninjas. It stands to reason the more you play a computer game, practice your swing, perfect your long pots, the better you’re going to be.

So for the customers who don’t get as many ‘flying hours’ we provide refreshers and more intense training.

• Online training
• Face-to-face training
• Group training

When you buy the software outright, your first 12 months includes Support & Updates. After that there’s a small fee to pay each year to access full support on a continued basis. This includes software updates which are crucial if you want bug-free, legislatively up-to-date, enhanced software. Note - subscriptions automatically include ongoing Support & Updates.

Trialing the software


• You can test your ability to use the software in your own time
• You can pick a simple job that you’ve previously quoted to see how the software compares
• You can pick a ‘live’ job and produce an actual estimate and quotation (which you can give to your customer once you become an owner or subscriber).


• If you’re short on time experimenting is a luxury
• If you’re not in a position to put the software through its paces straight after the demonstration you might forget all that you were shown (we talk from experience)…
• The support system is much bigger once you’re a user.

So trial our software for 14-days by all means (we have nothing to hide!) or crack on, get stuck in and use the software in earnest, learning as you go with our seriously, supportive support.

Finally, ask yourself this...

Before you take the plunge with any software company - pre-sale can be an insight to post-sale service…

• Are my questions about the software being answered promptly and effectively?
• Am I getting good support during the buying process?
• Is it absolutely clear what I will get for money? Are there hidden extras?
• Is the ongoing cost of the software and any support and updates transparent?
• Is the software well-supported? Is there back-up if I need it?
• Are there online resources and training opportunities?
• Does the company make clear that they will undertake regular updates to fix bugs, meet legislation changes and enhance the process?

Those are the obvious practical questions, then there are the more emotive considerations.

How long has the company been in business…what direct knowledge do they have of construction…are they independent or a division of a larger company such as a builders merchant… could I work with these people for years to come… do I feel safe in their hands…

Consider all your options carefully, and you’ll end up with software that’s right for you. We hope it is HBXL working alongside you to take your business to new heights!