Intuitive Project Wizard to determine likely Risk Assessments for your project

The speedy New Project Wizard guides you through creating your professional, comprehensive health & safety documents. Simply tell Health & Safety Xpert what you are building and it does the rest as its built in knowledge base determines the likely Risk Assessments required for your project.


Add in additional Risk Assessments

If you are aware of additional risks on site that are not covered by the Risk Assessments listed, you should add extra Risk Assessments to your project from the Health & Safety Xpert library of Risk Assessments using the Add button.


Create, edit, delete and print with ease

Or you can create a new Risk Assessment by pressing the New button.

Similarly, you can delete any you think you do not require using the Delete button.

Having selected a Risk Assessment, you can use the Edit button to review it and make changes.

Once you are satisfied with the Risk Assessments, simply press Print button to print copies.


Fulfill your obligations

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires employers to make suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their workers, or any other person who may be affected by their undertakings and to record the significant findings of the assessments. The requirement relates also to the self-employed. The recorded assessment should be an effective statement of hazards and risks, which then leads management to take the relevant action to ensure health and safety. It needs to be part of the employer’s overall approach to health and safety.



• All relevant hazards and risks should be addressed
• Consider what normally happens in the workplace or during work activity
• Consider who might be affected
• Take into account existing precautionary measures
• Show what control measures are to be put in place to ensure a safe system of work


Create 'Site Specific' documentation

The Risk Assessment document provided with Health & Safety Xpert has been designed to assist in meeting the above requirements. A number of construction operations have been identified, together with associated risks and hazards and recommended control measures in generic form. The format has been designed so that when completed, it will be regarded as ‘Site Specific’.


Easy to use risk control measures

The assessor is invited to select/review from those generic hazards suggested, to indicate whether they are applicable and to add others, identifying the persons at risk and the risk product. The assessor is also invited to select/review from the list of suggested controls those that he feels should be implemented. Space is also provided for the inclusion of other controls considered necessary to deal with any circumstances relating to a particular site and then recalculate the risk product with the post control measures in place.


Properly assess the risks on your site

Use the Risk Assessments included in with Health & Safety Xpert® to help you properly assess the risks on your sites and record what measures you have taken to avoid and reduce them. It is important to file these records so that they could be consulted by an inspector if necessary.


Create your own Risk Assesments

You can also use the blank Risk Assessment included with Health & Safety Xpert® to create your own additional Risk Assessments for high risk activities if required. (Method Statements need only be completed when there are unforeseen, unplanned or specialist activities on site which are not covered by relevant risk assessments. Method Statements are site-specific and can only be completed by a trained, experienced and competent person. Method Statements must be completed on site.)