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Our mission is to ensure each and every user is able to get the absolute best from their HBXL software products. No problem is too small. We will not rest (Mon-Fri 9-5) in providing consistent, best-in-class support. We will act rapidly to resolve any problems fast and prevent future issues arising, all with a genuine smile on our face. Effective. Consistent. Always there when you need us. You can call, leave a message, email or send a carrier pigeon so don't hesitate to contact us!

Meet your TechXperts


From the moment you become an HBXL software user we are by your side. We’re here, holding your hand, helping you get to grips with your new software until you’re ready to go it alone. And even then we’re at the end of the phone with ongoing support courtesy of our Support & Updates package.

Our Support Promise in full


You'll love our new user welcome pack. We're keen to help you convey your professionalism by promoting your association with our software. Don't forget we're award-winning! We provide a van sticker for EstimatorXpress and Health & Safety Xpert. Plus logos that you can put on your website, letterhead etc. There are even a few suggested words that you could include on your website.

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The comprehensive package includes unlimited, uncapped telephone backup, email support and web chats (Mon-Fri 9am - 5.00pm), how-to videos and Knowledge Base It also includes regular software updates such as enhancements, new features and changes in legislation. If you’re a subscriber then the Support & Updates package is included. If you buy the software outright, your Support & Updates package is free in year one. From year two you can renew for a small annual fee.

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We host training webinars to run through new products and new features. They generally take place in the evening, are completely free and are always very useful!


We provide different options for anyone who wants it – complimentary Software Skills courses for EstimatorXpress and Take-off & Estimate Kit, plus Group Training Workshops, One to One Training at your office or home, Online Training for short sessions. Contrary to what other software companies may say, we offer training because we know that some people may want it – this does not mean the software is difficult!

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Master the software with a wide range of short video tutorials which look closely at different aspects of the software to aid your understanding and speed up your software usage.

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Use our FAQ tutorials for getting the most out of your software. The guides provide step-by-step instructions to new, common and popular features.

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Browse our invaluable PDF manuals to set up and learn how to use your software. Our guides have been created to take you through both setting up and using your software. We consider them a really important resource as they are always there for you to refer to as and when you need them.

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