What is the Health & Safety File?

It brings together relevant health and safety information about the project to be taken into account during any future maintenance work, cleaning, refurbishment or demolition. The principal designer has primary responsibility for preparing the file, and reviewing, updating and revising it as the project progresses BUT if the PD leaves the project before the end, the principal contractor must then take on the responsibility for completing it.


What must the Health & Safety File contain?

The Health & Safety file must contain information about the current project that is likely to be needed to ensure health and safety during any subsequent work such as maintenance, cleaning, refurbishment or demolition. When preparing the Health and Safety File, information on the following should be considered for inclusion:

• A brief description of the work carried out
• Any hazards that have not been eliminated through the design and construction processes, and how they have been addressed (for example, surveys or other information concerning asbestos, contaminated land, water-bearing strata, buried services and so on)
• Key structural principles (for example, bracing or sources of substantial stored energy including pre- or post-tensioned members) and safe working loads for floors and roofs
• Hazardous materials used (for example, lead paints and special coatings)
• Information regarding the removal or dismantling of installed plant and equipment (for example, any special arrangements for lifting such equipment)
• Health and safety information about equipment provided for cleaning or maintaining the structure
• The nature, location and markings of significant services, including underground cables, gas supply equipment and fire-fighting services
• Information and as-built drawings of the building, its plant and equipment (for example, the means of safe access to and from service voids, and the position of fire doors)

There should be enough detail to allow the likely risks to be identified and addressed by those carrying out the work and be proportionate to those risks.


Easy to edit

Much of the information contained in this document is specific to the individual job and must therefore be carefully prepared for each separate project you carry out.

In the Health & Safety File screen, you are guided through editing the text of the Health & Safety File. However If you want to save any of the changes you have made to the text of Health & Safety File for use in other projects in the future, you can do this using the Save As button.

Once you are satisfied with the content of the Health & Safety File, simply press Print button to print a copy.