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What's Off The Tools?

“I want to get off the tools and start working on my business, not in it.”

Running a small business firm isn’t easy. There are many hurdles to success, and economic changes beyond your control, can leave you out of jobs and out of pocket.

Off The Tools emails are a source of ideas, help and guidance to create and grow a PROFITABLE building company. From in-depth articles to podcasts, training courses, special offers and more, you are sure to find value in every email that hits your inbox.

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What is included?

Insightful Articles

From industry analysis to step-by-step guides, each edition of Off The Tools contains insight, you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Whether you are looking for tips and tricks that will help you do more with what you already have, or you are looking for inspiration and motivation to expand or grow your business, you are in the right place.

In previous editions we’ve covered how Retrofits and Renovations are becoming a real growth are of the UK building market and how 3D models are changing the game when it comes to winning new clients.

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Software Special Offers

Want to be first-to-know about special offers on HBXL software? Want to be the first to hear about new updates to existing products?

Off The Tools is the place you’ll hear about it.

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Training & Courses

We are committed to helping house builders excel. For your business to succeed and grow, it’s important you not only have the right tools and people, but also the best knowledge.

From Skill Bootcamps (funded by the Department of Education), covering Estimating, CAD and Business Management for Construction to Webinars and Software Skills courses, you will never miss a chance to upskill yourself and grow your building firm.

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Free Online Events & Podcasts

Are you looking to learn off others? Want to see and hear how building firms like yours are adapting to the market?

From webinars and videos to podcasts, it’s never been easier, or more engaging to keep up-to-date with new features, market changes and intriguing insights.

In Off The Tools you will be amongst the first to hear about the best and newest videos to come out of HBXL.

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