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Late nights, difficult customers, material delays, jobs chasing, plate spinning, finance juggling, red tape… They’re all part and parcel of running a small building firm. You probably have mixed emotions about your business, with good days and bad days, or maybe even bad days and not so bad days! But there is a way of minimising the inevitable issues. And that’s by putting your business on a firm admin footing. Yep it starts and stops with how you manage your business…

Which is where HBXL comes in. We’ve got the tools to help buy you time, make you more money, improve your win rate, work-life balance and more. We’re not selling software. We’re solving problems. You in? The work starts here.

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over- worked builder persona

Do you have too much going on?

When you’re the boss, there’s no switching off. Not really. You’re constantly being pulled from different directions. If you’re feeling stretched it could be for a number of reasons.  You’ve got multiple jobs at varying stages of completion and you can’t be everywhere? You’ve got a couple of jobs on the go, you’re struggling to stay on top of the admin AND quote for more work? You’re still on the tools…

No one said it would be easy. But it could be made easier.

It’s time to stop and take stock. What are you in business for? What do you want out of it and are you even doing the right kind of work? On the next page you’ll find links to loads of info. Like how to use your time efficiently. How to ‘work smarter not harder’. How to share the load. How to nail the legal documents that get in the way. And more.

How not to be over-worked

Feeling the strain? Need better work or to manage jobs more efficiently?

Running a building firm is a lonely business. Financial worries loom large. Deadlines weigh heavy. Delays can tip you over. Filling the order book isn’t easy. With responsibility often comes mental health deterioration. In UK construction, stress, anxiety, and depression account for one-fifth of work-related illnesses. We talk to builders on a daily basis and we hear their concerns.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Holding a load of information in your head is going to take its toll. On the next page we suggest ways of downloading your thinking into a digital format, delegating, finding ways of getting organised through simple, practical processes. Improving your work-life balance. Even a free business course. Using technology in a stress-free way.

Coming 17th July 2024

Has work gone quiet for you?

The UK construction industry has had a difficult few years. Economic uncertainty is still with us. We’ve had hefty inflation rises. A pandemic. And Brexit. For many of the builders we talk to, there seems to be fewer building projects to go round. Before you know it, it’s survival of the fittest. So what do you do to generate profitable work?

That’s where we come in.

It’s time to reassess your business. And a lot of it has to do with mindset. On the next page we explore the kind of the work that generates decent profit. We look at methods and processes. Marketing. Presentation. Professionalism. Referral work. Ready to make a start?

Coming 25th July 2024

Struggling to win profitable building work?

At the end of 2022, close on 100,000 businesses in the construction sector were classed as being in significant financial distress. Money worries can quickly go from a problem to a crisis. Think of how much you spend on materials and labour to get the job done and how long you have to hold on for payment. You probably feel like you’re being squeezed from both ends. Materials, plant hire and labour prices are rising. Homeowners are being forensic about numbers.

It’s time for a fightback.

Over the next page we look at how to turn financial worries into a positive outcome. We look at it all. Planning. Estimating. Under-pricing. Profit margins. Overheads. And importantly, the courage of your convictions. Get the plan right and it can be life-changing.

Coming 29th July 2024

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