How to Protect Your Profit When Prices Keep Rising

Joanna, the HBXL Operations Director and Account Manager Matthew, discuss the difficulties many building firms are facing currently due to delays and price rises and, all-importantly, how you can start protecting your hard-won money.

Simon Says: Wing it and fail Plan and thrive

Where is your building firm and what do you want long term? By the time Simon (a mentor to building firms for more than 30 years) has finished sharing his tips – you’ll have written your ‘to do’ list for a positive, profitable future.

Price & Profit: Masterclass for Builders

Simon Lazarus from The Better Business Group shares his years of experience mentoring building firms to show you how to cover your costs whilst building a future for your business. And as ever he says it how it is! Jo Mulgrew, Operations Director for HBXL, asks the questions and shows quote examples on screen.

Plan for Success – Build Proper Profit into Your Business

Simon Lazarus from The Better Business Group, the UK’s top mentor to small building firms, chats with Jo about winning work that will make a significant financial difference to your business. We’re talking quality projects with a profit attached that meet your future needs. Simon explains why you need to do it, how to set the profit margin and what it takes to win the work.

How to Promote Your Business to Homeowners

Jo chats face-to-face with Sally, Communications expert and Simon, building firm mentor extraordinaire and director of The Better Business Group. They give tips on how to use Facebook, Instagram, your website, testimonials and much more to attract the right kind of customers and win profitable business.

Covid-19 Safety on Site

HSE are on the look out for building firms not following Covid-19 safe-working guidance with a view to issuing enforcement notices. So it’s crucial to manage your health and safety correctly on site. Dave Price, Health & Safety consultant explains all to Jo.

Moving your business upmarket

Jo chats with Simon Lazarus on what it takes to go after the more profitable projects – not the diary fillers. We discuss why now is a good time to re-think your business. Are you ready to grow?

Adapt and Thrive – with Comera Energy

Jo chats with Richard from Comera Energy on why having a point of difference will make you stand out. Richard gives an insight into solar energy’s popularity with homeowners and how you can benefit without any financial outlay, skills or experience.