Kevin Morgan: What the homeowner wants you to know about energy efficiency

Energy price pressures, the rising cost of living… it’s no surprise that homeowners want the most energy efficient windows and doors for their building projects. Not forgetting comfort – think air quality, acoustics, warmth. This episode with Joanna Mulgrew from HBXL and Kevin Morgan, Commercial Director of Crystal Direct, will give you everything you need to know.

Neil Groom: The realities of running a small building firm

Running a small building firm isn’t easy but as Neil Groom of NJG Building Solutions discusses with Jo Mulgrew, there are ways of avoiding the road blocks frequently put in the builder’s way. He’s discovered you’re never too old to grow your business, improve processes and manage time better. Can you relate?

Nail getting paid by the customer

Construction has the highest insolvency rate of all industries. In April – June 2023, a staggering 18% of all insolvencies were in construction. Simon believes this reflects a long-standing and serious problem with the way in which so many construction companies operate. In this episode, Joanna finds out what building firms can do to better protect themselves.

Simple changes to your quoting that will make you more money

Are you quoting too low? Jo and Simon discuss common mistakes and explain how to put them right. They talk accurate quoting, overheads, and mark-ups. They touch on stage payments and cash flow, and more. With the right support, builders instead of just breaking even, can can go on to make decent money… This could be the start of something big!

Why you’re under-charging and how to change

If you want to increase your profit doing less work whilst improving your work/life balance then this episode is a must! Every sentence is a valuable tip. Joanna and Simon talk about a shift in mindset, your competitors, your goals for the future…and much more…It’s not for the faint-hearted. Simon talks cold hard truths!

Why the heat is on for building firms in the UK

New Building Regulations relating to carbon emissions came into effect on 15th June 2022. There followed a grace period of 12 months. That of course has been and gone. So any renovations, extensions and new builds you put through planning from now on, need to comply with the new regs. Find out about the updates and new additions in this handy episode.

Toby Peacock: The reality of stress in construction

Toby Peacock is an electrician and the Screwfix Tradesperson of the Year 2022. In his Podcast, ‘Tearoom Talks’, Toby’s making his name for breaking down the mental health barriers in the construction industry. In our podcast, Toby shares his thinking with Joanna Mulgrew, MD of the HBXL Group. He talks about his own struggles and suggests where listeners can get some help themselves.

What you should know about PVC-u windows and doors

Why is PVC-u still popular? What are the best products? How should you be purchasing them? And what do you say to customers so that you can take charge of ordering them? HBXL MD, Joanna chats with Kevin Morgan, Commercial Director of Crystal Direct who has lots to say on the subject!

Has the residential building industry changed for the better?

Kicking off our ‘Running a small building firm’ podcast series, Joanna Mulgrew, MD of the HBXL Group, chats to Adrian Wild, founder and Chairman of HBXL and past building firm owner and property developer. Adrian explains what motivated him to switch from property developing to software developing. He also discusses the issues facing builders today and what would make life much easier for them.

Thriving in tougher times – Back to basics

Simon from The Better Business Group, one of the UK’s top mentors to builders, chats to Joanna, MD at HBXL Building Software. Together they talk through the best approach to business costs, profit margins, quoting, winning new work, what you want from your business and much more.

How to make more money on your projects – Part 1: Customers and the psychology of quoting

Simon Lazarus from the Better Business Group maintains you can and should be making more money from every one of your building jobs. Simon explains to Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL’s Managing Director, the very practical steps you can take to reach this goal of greater profit.

Building regs are changing: What is means for your building projects

Joanna, Managing Director of HBXL, is joined by Andy, HBXL’s Construction Engineer for a discussion on the changes to the UK’s Building Regulations. Mandatory from the 15th June 2022, they impact all residential construction projects. Are you ready for the new regulations?

Financial planning for the future: Retirement and business sale

Chris Cohen, an Independent Financial Advisor from Comera Professional, talks to Joanna Mulgrew, Managing Director of HBXL, about preparing now for the day you hang up your hard hat for the last time. He explains what you need to do to be ready for the future, covering pensions, tax savings, as well as the option of selling your building business one day.

Renewable Energy: Your time to shine – and make money

Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL’s Managing Director, recently sat down with Jordan Davies, a Comera Energy engineer and TEAM HBXL coach, to find out the ins and outs of renewable energy and how builders can benefit financially. Here Jo explains how you could earn good money on solar panels – with next to no effort on your part.

How to Manage Your Cashflow better

James Powell from Comera Accountancy joins Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL Managing Director, to talk through various cash flow issues, providing valuable tips on how to make sure you know how much cash is coming in and going out.

How to Make Real Money from the 2022 Boom

Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL’s Managing Director chats with Simon Lazarus from The Better Business Group, one of our expert coaches from TEAM HBXL. Together they discuss how to make the most of this boom time – because so many builders just aren’t.

How to Future-proof Your Building Firm for 2022

If you want to thrive, and not just survive in 2022, watch our latest Power Hour. Simon, the UK’s leading mentor to owners of residential building firms, shares his extensive building trade knowledge and offers valuable advice, in conversation with Joanna, our Operations Director.

How to Protect Your Profit When Prices Keep Rising

Joanna, the HBXL Operations Director and Account Manager Matthew, discuss the difficulties many building firms are facing currently due to delays and price rises and, all-importantly, how you can start protecting your hard-won money.

Simon Says: Wing it and fail Plan and thrive

Where is your building firm and what do you want long term? By the time Simon (a mentor to building firms for more than 30 years) has finished sharing his tips – you’ll have written your ‘to do’ list for a positive, profitable future.

Price & Profit: Masterclass for Builders

Simon Lazarus from The Better Business Group shares his years of experience mentoring building firms to show you how to cover your costs whilst building a future for your business. And as ever he says it how it is! Jo Mulgrew, Operations Director for HBXL, asks the questions and shows quote examples on screen.

Plan for Success – Build Proper Profit into Your Business

Simon Lazarus from The Better Business Group, the UK’s top mentor to small building firms, chats with Jo about winning work that will make a significant financial difference to your business. We’re talking quality projects with a profit attached that meet your future needs. Simon explains why you need to do it, how to set the profit margin and what it takes to win the work.

How to Promote Your Business to Homeowners

Jo chats face-to-face with Sally, Communications expert and Simon, building firm mentor extraordinaire and director of The Better Business Group. They give tips on how to use Facebook, Instagram, your website, testimonials and much more to attract the right kind of customers and win profitable business.

Covid-19 Safety on Site

HSE are on the look out for building firms not following Covid-19 safe-working guidance with a view to issuing enforcement notices. So it’s crucial to manage your health and safety correctly on site. Dave Price, Health & Safety consultant explains all to Jo.

Moving your business upmarket

Jo chats with Simon Lazarus on what it takes to go after the more profitable projects – not the diary fillers. We discuss why now is a good time to re-think your business. Are you ready to grow?

Adapt and Thrive – with Comera Energy

Jo chats with Richard from Comera Energy on why having a point of difference will make you stand out. Richard gives an insight into solar energy’s popularity with homeowners and how you can benefit without any financial outlay, skills or experience.