Quick ROI Calculator for building firms investing in building software

Hi, I’m Adrian Wild, managing director of HBXL Building Software. I’ve seen first hand how software can help building firms of all sizes increase their win rate, improve their efficiency and maximize their profit margins. EstimatorXpress is the UK’s leading estimating software designed specifically for builders. Fast, seriously easy to use and 100% accurate estimates every time.

I’ve put together this nifty little ROI calculator to show you the return on your investment if you purchase EstimatorXpress – estimating software.

Just fill in the fields based on your building firms typical job details.  It will pop out a return on investment percentage at the end.

Have a go and see how much your building firm could benefit!

Remember, EstimatorXpress will also improve your win rate by allowing you to compete for more jobs by producing more estimates – estimates that are professional and accurate. It’s all about increased efficiency and accuracy. On top of this, the range of management reports the software produces will add to your return on investment.

Give us a call on 0117 916 7898 to find out more about how EstimatorXpress can help you increase your win rate. As well as, improve your efficiency and maximise your profit margins. Or get start with an online demonstration.