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BuildProjex. Putting you in control of your building projects

BuildProjex makes sure everyone is on the same page. You simply create your team – your employees, sub-contractors, consultants, even the client – and set permissions for who sees what. Then you can share calendars, gantt charts, tasks, messages, progress photos, drawings, schedules, specifications and more. Everything in one place. Accessible wherever you are. All ticking off tasks as they’re completed. You in control. Your team in the loop.

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All the best project management software features for UK builders

BuildProjex is more than a project management app, it’s a collaboration tool that makes sure everyone knows what they’re doing, when the deadlines are and where to find all the paperwork. Your people can get on with what’s important now. And you can get on with running the business. BuildProjex is part of your team, helping you build the extension, loft conversion, house…





Cloud Platform

“Who needs an office when you’ve got everything on your devices?”

You can track, share and manage your projects whether you’re on your Mac, laptop, tablet or iPhone. All you need is an internet connection.

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All projects dashboard

“I can see see the bigger picture – an overview of everything that’s happening”

All the projects going through the business – centralised – to give you a complete overview. See the project status of every project at a glance – in real-time, plus your diary and your Gantt chart. Spot issues before they become problems.

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One Project dashboard

“No more holding everything in my head – it’s all there.”

Keep on top of every single project. Set tasks, check their status, see overdues and what’s completed. See the project Gantt chart, calendar and all files associated for the job.

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Easy to use Gantt Chart

“I can track progress so much more easily”

Share your project Build Progamme (or all your projects together across the company) to track target progress v actual so everyone’s on the same page.

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Invaluable to-do list

“No one is in any doubt as to what needs doing next”

Drop in your to-do list for each project, set deadlines and assign team members to carry out the tasks. As you update the build programme so the to-do changes, so no one is ever out of step.

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All important calendar

“Instead of reminding the guys – everyone knows what’s on when.”

Share the company or project specific calendar so everyone on the team (only with the necessary permissions!) can see key dates, meetings and appointments. No missed meetings.

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Simple File Management

“I was forever mislaying paperwork – not a chance now!”

Upload all the latest project documents – no traipsing back to the office to find things! No excuse for anyone to use old drawings, quotations, schedules of work and specifications

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Centralised messaging

“Probably saves me an hour day hunting for some message or other.”

Instant, in-built messaging keeps all your conversations in one place. Either private messages to one individual or groups. No more sifting through texts and emails. Direct messaging plus keep track of comments on files or tasks.

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Memory-jogging notifications

“It’s genuinely like having a Personal Assistant reminding me about stuff.”

Nothing’s left to chance – everyone receives reminder notifications for both upcoming and overdue tasks.

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Admin Controls

“It’s great. I want employees to see some things – not everything.”

Limit access to any project by inviting just the team members and guests you want on the project. You set permissions so you control which team members can see what, share and comment on what.

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The Client's dashboard

“I’m fully involved in the project without feeling like I’m interfering”

Whenever you get a new quality enquiry set them up with their own dashboard. You can control what they see of the job. Get the quote signed off, share the build programme, progress photos, all your conversations.

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Upload your HBXL documents

“This is end-to-end project management at its best!”

Users of HBXL Building Software can easily upload their EstimatorXpress, PlansXpress, ContractsXpert and Health & Safety Xpert documents direct to BuildProjex. All the project info instantly in the right place.

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HBXL are thankful for the support on this product from West of England Combined Authority, HM Government and the European Regional Development Fund.


BuildProjex is available on an easy annual subscription. The price is dependent on how many users you need and it comes with free updates and uncapped award-winning telephone, email and chat support for first year.


You and up to four employees have full access to all the features in BuildProjex. You can also give restricted access to unlimited guests, such as subbies and clients.


You and up to nine employees have full access to all the features in BuildProjex. You can also give restricted access to unlimited guests, such as subbies and clients.


You and up to fourteen employees have full access to all the features in BuildProjex. You can also give restricted access to unlimited guests, such as subbies and clients.


Our Amazing Support Team is here to help you.

Tom, Shannyn and Joe are ready and waiting to point you in the right direction, answer questions – by phone, email or live chat – it’s all included in your subscription.

Upload documents from our other construction software tools.



Draft your building regulation plans and 3D models in PlansXpress, then upload your drawings to BuildProjex including your 'view ports' so all the relevant people can access them.


Estimate your construction project costs in detail using award-winning EstimatorXpress, then upload your estimate, quotation, specifications and order schedules to BuildProjex.
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Leave Health & Safety Xpert to sort the health and safety paperwork relevant to the project, then simply upload to BuildProjex so your people have the documentation to hand at all times.


Generate the 'no-typing required' building contract for your client and subcontractors in ContractsXpert including Change Requests then upload the signed documents to BuildProjex.