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Take-off & Estimate Kit. An automatic estimate from your tracing.

Trace your plan. Get an automatic estimate from it. That’s the deal. Other take-off software tools may help you measure the drawing and count items on the building plan, but you still have to cost them. Seems a poor use of your valuable time to us. With our software you trace the drawings, making your choice of building method and materials as you go. Then with the plan traced, EstimatorXpress will work out the quantities of all the materials, labour and plant you need, and calculate the total cost. The end.

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Win more profitable work by estimating accurately
and in much less time

Tracing over customers’ building plans on screen to get automatic estimates means you’ll have time to quote on loads more jobs. And tracing isn’t your only option. You can choose to build your estimate from scratch in EstimatorXpess or use one of its hundreds of readymade estimating templates. And get this. The Take-off software tool is a slimmed down version of PlansXpress. So one day you could trade up to full-on PlansXpress to DRAW as well as trace (and get an automatic estimate – of course).

Super-fast estimating

material prices

you can trust

Professional looking quotes

Intelligent Tracing Tools

“As a more visual person, I like that I can trace a plan. I prefer it to following instructions in a template. That’s just me.”

No scale ruler or plan wheel required. It’s so straightforward. You import your plan, then trace. And as you trace, the software captures the dimensions, number of objects and specification of your choice. It’s all recorded – ready to produce an estimate for you. Take-off software at its best.

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Estimating knowledge built-in

“I still find it amazing that the software already knows what materials go into the construction without me telling it.”

The software is pre-configured with the construction details of each element of the job. It just needs your method of construction preferences, e.g. is it a brick and block cavity wall or a rendered cavity block wall. It then prompts you for heights, depths etc., ready for the automatic estimate.

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Easily check your work

“I feel like my hand is being held. If I’ve forgotten to take-off a window say, I’ll soon spot the missing window in the wall on the 3D!”

As you trace, using the simple take-off software tools, a handy 3D model builds in real time on screen to help you check that you’ve captured all the details. You can swivel it round to see if there’s anything that you’ve missed.

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Instant, automatic estimate

“To think that I can get a detailed cost estimate from just tracing a plan and choosing the construction method …”

With a traditional take-off you still need to add up the cost. Not with our Take-off & Estimate Kit. Your work is done. When your traced plan, full of valuable information, goes into EstimatorXpress you’ll get an INSTANT cost estimate, quotation and reports.

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“I was literally losing money from out-of-date prices. Not anymore.”

The built-in price book in EstimatorXpress has well over 6000 resources from sand to steels, ties to tiles, basins to boilers, wall plugs to windows… Our unique Price Tracker+ keeps your price book up-to-date by scouring the internet for the latest prices. Got your own special prices? Add them in.

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“It comes with suggested trade rates. I can tweak when I need to – sadly always upwards!”

Within the ‘Price Book’, as well as the Material Price section, you’ll find the Labour section with the different trade rates.  The fields are pre-populated for each trade. You can leave as is, or adjust to reflect your local conditions. The same goes for Sub-Contract.

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“Before, I added a rough 10% to the cost of the build as a mark-up. How wrong was I!?”

Wastage. Wear & Tear. Overheads. Mark-up. Inflation. Crucial. You’re not quoting the full cost of a job without them. Yet it’s fiddly doing it yourself. That’s why EstimatorXpress does the calculations for you. Decide your percentages and that’s it.

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“I check ‘mission control’ to see what my win rate is, what quotes need following up…”

The clever dashboard shows all your projects and automatically does a load of analysis to give you a visual overview of profit, cash flow, expenditure, work-in-progress and more. What type of jobs are looking the most profitable? Do more of those.

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“I’ve never had a better of understanding of my jobs. This dashboard has been a lightbulb moment.” 

Look at all the job details at a glance for the most profitable outcome. Get all the info on the job costs, the profit and overheads, plus the cost to the customer. Choose to view the cost by cash flow, build phase, trade, resource, subcontract type. It’s amazing what comes to light…

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“The feedback I get on the quotes is amazing. They literally win us work.”

People are swayed by appearance not just price. Customers who recognise quality and have a profitable job for you, want to see professionalism. And the quote that EstimatorXpress automatically produces from the estimate, says it all.

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“I can have three jobs on the go and know exactly what needs to be where, and when.”

Or more commonly known as a Build Programme or Gantt Chart. EstimatorXpress automatically produces one from the estimate. All you have to do is note when a delivery is postponed and watch the software push back everything else.

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“I was trying to hold so much information in my head when all I needed was this bit of kit.”

From the estimate combined with your Build Programme, the software automatically produces lists of materials required by order date and build phase. Give to your merchant early to get deliveries scheduled in, and negotiate a discount while you’re at it. You’ll be more organised and quids in. Same for your plant schedule and labour required.

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“I don’t recognise myself! I talk about being ‘on budget’. I keep tabs on hours. It’s all about profit!”

You need more than an estimate and customer quotation. Readymade reports that show you cash in and out, a breakdown of your plant costs, your spend on labour hours, your sub-contractor outlay… keep you on track and across all your expenditure.

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“EstimatorXpress isn’t just about estimating, it’s about winning the work and then practically managing it too.”

The Rounding Tool will tell you the ideal pack size to order, and the actual ‘buyable lengths of timber etc and allows you to quote your customer the ‘all in’ price. A stage on from the Build Programme, the Smart Scheduler helps you actually book in labour, and order plant and materials on specified dates.

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Before I discovered HBXL I was using paper and pencil for my estimates. Not surprisingly I was always forgetting something in the quote that either reduced my profit, or actually lost me money. Since using HBXL I reckon my win rate is better than 50%, which is all I can ask for. So I’m very pleased.
Graham Saunders, Trentace
We use Health & Safety Xpert daily on site as well as the office in order to comply with the constant changes in the H&S regs such as risk assessments and method statements. It helps make the job a lot, lot easier. We use the software no matter what size or sort of project. We now use it on everything from new builds, renovations, ground works, extensions, heating and plumbing jobs and any electrical work.
Mark Jones, MJ Building Services
My whole experience of the HBXL team, including the support I received from the tech guys and the Estimating Service estimators, was great – they are clearly used to dealing with builders and know how to fit communications around our busy working lives! With EstimatorXpress we know from the very beginning that we’ve priced the job right. It also saves us thousands of pounds in quantity surveyor fees, so even after a couple of projects the software has paid for itself. When we showed our accountant the software he was so impressed he left the meeting to call two other clients saying they need to take a look at it.
Charles OKell, UK Pro Build
SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!! The software is a pleasure to use and has made the most boring task of manual estimating a thing of the past. Customer service and back up ‘just puts other companies to shame’. Well Done HBXL.
Bob, Worthy Builders, with HBXL since 20XX.


You can choose between an annual or lifetime licence. Annual subscribers automatically get Support & Updates and customers who buy the software outright, have the package free of charge in year one. It includes software updates, regular material price updates, and uncapped award-winning telephone, email and chat support.


Take-off building plans to import into EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate.

Extensions | Renovations | Lofts | Plumbing & Heating

System Requirements

Take-off building plans to import into EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate.

Extensions | Renovations | Lofts | New Builds | Office Refits | Basements | Plumbing & Heating

System Requirements
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Our Amazing Support Team is here to help you.

Tom, Joe, Ruth and Nik are ready and waiting to point you in the right direction, answer questions – by phone, email or live chat – it’s all included in your Support & Updates package.

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Sync your Take-off & Estimate Kit with our other construction software tools.

Draw as well

Draw as well

Go full PlansXpress and draw as well as trace. All very builder-friendly. The completed drawings go into EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate (and 3D models!)
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

This is the other way round. Complete your estimate in EstimatorXpress. Drop the estimate file into Health & Safety Xpert and automatically get the relevant H & S documents.


Same with this. Drop the completed estimate into ContractsXpert and it will automatically give you the customer and sub-contractor contracts and legal letters relevant to the job.


And again. Drop the completed estimate into ProjectXpert and with a click of a button you’ll see your daily, weekly, monthly tasks for this job and all your EstimatorXpress jobs. It's that easy.