Real builders

Not sure a software solution is the right route for you? Thousands of other builders and developers have chosen to make that step. Find out what these real builders had to say about how HBXL has improved their businesses and lives for the better. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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What our users say

Do you want to change your life and business for the better? HBXL Building Software can you help do that. Nearly 75% have improved their profitability, saved on average 39% on estimating time and most of these experiencing an increase in win rate of between 67-100% with some users reporting as high as 233% improvement according to our 2015 user survey! Watch our quick testimonials video to see how specific goals were met and hear from real builders...

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I want to improve my profit

This is one of the main reasons for taking on the software and nearly ¾’s of users report making more profit since using EstimatorXpress. That’s got to be great news.

"It’s really changed how we think about doing business, whether we wanted to be ‘busy idiots’; are we making the most effective use of our skills and our team? The software has given us the insight, knowledge and confidence to know that our prices are right. We are able to say now, that’s the price, no negotiation, if you don’t like it, we don’t want the business. It also saves us thousands of pounds in quantity surveyor fees, so even after a couple of projects the software has paid for itself."

Charles OKell, UK Pro Build

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I want to get my life back

Cut your estimating time by 39%. Proven.

“Before HBXL I had a system that was quite frankly archaic. I knew I needed to do something that meant I wasn’t working late into the nights and on weekends. Looking back it seems ludicrous the way we used to do our estimating. Using this software has not only made us work smart but has made our life a lot easier and I’d advise others to do the same.”

Lee Goodwin, Oakleafe Properties

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I want to grow my business

The market is on the up and most firms want to take advantage of the bigger and more varied jobs that are appearing.

“I have used EstimatorXpress since it first hit the market and have sworn by it ever since to price up everything from small household renovations to £5m building projects.”

Kuno Jackson, Kuno Jackson Builders

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I want to get rid of the health and safety worry

With the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) turning the thumb screws even tighter on site safety, it’s the small to medium sized build firms that need to be on top of their day-to-day obligations.

“We use Health & Safety Xpert daily on site as well as the office in order to comply with the constant changes in the H&S regs. It helps make the job a lot, lot easier. It also gives me a sense of security. I can’t be everywhere all the time so I need to have confidence my guys are working safely. It’s my head on the block if they are not, so minimizing the risk any way I can is why we use the software.”

Mark Jones MJ Building Services, Cornwall

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