Health & Safety Xpert 2016

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 is out now! Revamped and stronger than ever, the essential health and safety software from HBXL will help you ensure you and your colleagues are safe on site and covered in terms of the HSE.

Stay up to date

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 has been developed in with a leading health and safety consultant to make sure that all our health and safety documents are conjunction with the latest regulations. Plus, support and regular updates, included in the purchase for a year, ensure that our users are keeping up with any changes in the legislation.

Every document you could possibly need

Packed with all the health and safety documentation you could need and fully CDM 2015 compliant, simply fill in the details of your project and let Health & Safety Xpert 2016 line up the applicable documents and requirements for you to fill in. Health & Safety Xpert 2016 includes;

Win more work through responsible presentation

Not only does the software include all that but professional and clearly laid out health and safety documentation can help win investment and work. Presented at the tender stage, you can add the health and safety paperwork to help impress your client and encourage a relationship of trust by demonstrating that you are a responsible company. This same approach can help you come across as reliable and therefore a safer investment to any potential lenders.

Get boots on the ground quicker

Don’t let health and safety paperwork slow progress on site. Using HBXL‘s health and safety software is the fastest way to ensure you have made all the appropriate health and safety considerations and taken all procedures required to allow work to start on site.

HBXL -made for builders

All our software has been developed with specifically builders and developers in mind with the aim of making our customers lives easier, allowing them to win more work, take on more and different types of work, protect their companies, save money and actually return a profit by saving on external health and safety consultants.

That’s exactly what Mark Jones of MJ Building found, claiming to have saved just short of £5,000 in the first year alone. Mark said; “We use the software no matter what size or sort of project. There are still risks involved so Health & Safety Xpert makes sure staff are working safely and how I want them to work”.

Easy to use and share

The software has been designed to be easy to use, straightforward and a great deal faster than working manually or using the dreaded spreadsheets.

Tonnes of helpful tools to make the user experience easier. Health & Safety Xpert 2016 will now output directly to PDFs, RTF and image files as well as Word documents meaning that Microsoft Word is no longer an essential requirement.

Health & Safety Xpert is still the simplest and most straightforward way for builders and developers to ensure that they have everything in place to establish a safe site and avoid Fees for Intervention (that’s fines to you and me).

If you haven’t yet purchased our health and safety software designed specifically for builders and developers…what are you waiting for!? Give us a call on 0117 9167898 or drop us an email at