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Feeling stretched and under pressure?

Being on the tools and working on site is where many building firm owners feel most comfortable. Managing multiple sites, staff, subbies, quotations, invoices… well that’s another matter. We know because we talk to builders every day about this very topic. So we want to help you consider why you’re feeling overwhelmed by either the number of projects you have on the go or the sheer volume of paperwork you’re disappearing under.

Being busy isn’t a sign of success. You could be working day and night and still not turn a profit. Successful building firms rely on more than construction skills to be profitable. They thrive because they’ve put firm foundations in place – business foundations that will help them build on this year, and the next, and the next. And it all comes down to effective admin processes and a clear plan. Give your business a solid platform on which to grow and you will soon realise that many of the obstacles were self-imposed. So use the advice we’re providing on this page to help you work smarter, not harder.

How not to be the 'over-worked' builder
Over-worked builder

Going from 'over-worked' to 'busy & profitable'

The 'over-worked' builderThe 'busy & profitable' builder

Why you're feeling over-worked

If you’re quoting manually or using an ineffective estimating tool, you’re spending more time than you should on your quoting. If materials, people and plant aren’t all in the right place at the right time, every time, then you’re making more work for yourself. If half your day is spent catching up on the day before, you’re doing something wrong. If your Health & Safety paperwork is mounting up then you’re missing a trick. And not surprisingly, if you haven’t shadowed a highly successful building firm owner for a few years, you’re not going to know the ins and outs of project management, systems and processes. But give yourself a break. Help is at hand.

How you can fix your work-load

Drop the pen and paper and spreadsheets for your estimating. You’re risking being left behind, let alone the extra work you’re making for yourself. The organised building firms today are letting digital solutions do the heavy lifting – from the quoting and project management, through to health and safety and contract writing. Definitely trial professional construction software. It’s easier than you think – well HBXL’s software is anyway!  Delegate! With the right job management software, you still have control. You can easily manage your team, assign tasks, and monitor their progress. Save time on the jobs you have to do. Give time to building your business.

What does success look like?

Look at our builder. Living it up on his night off. Loving his work-life balance. Money in the bank. A tidy pension pot. A plan for retirement. An order book full of profitable work. A loyal team. Everyone knowing their tasks. Build Programme in place. And best of all he’s across everything that’s happening whether he’s in the office, on site, at the builders merchant… or even on the golf course. Happy days.

Which building software will help me?

Hand-picked selection of key products and services that will help you be busy and profitable.


This industry-leading estimating software does the leg work for you. Give it a few instructions and it will take it from there. Saves you huge amounts of time. No brainer.

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Our first cloud-based software tool. It manages your jobs with task lists, calendars, build programmes. And gives you an overview of all the jobs side by side. Life has just got easier.

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Health & Safety Xpert

Tell the software what you’re building and it will give you the documents relevant to that project. Saving you masses of time.

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Skills Bootcamps

Free government-funded courses that give you the inside track on running a business and what it takes to be successful – in just 60 hours! Next courses start in September.

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Free Tools and Downloads

Hand-picked selection of products and resources to give you the edge.

How not to be over-worked

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