A typical day in the support heroes’ headquarters.

We often refer to  our support team as ‘super heroes’ to demonstrate the huge amount of effort they put in to ensuring that all our users get up and running with their new building software in no time and continue to get the most out of it.

“I have been in touch with the support time several times over the years, and think it’s probably the best support team I have ever encountered with any company!”

So what does a typical day of one of our support team look like? Read on to learn what happens on a typical day in the support heroes’ bat cave…

Somewhere in the heart of the city…

Bristol (to be exact) is where the story begins. At the crack of 8:45am Thomas Brooks, Support Team Leader swings open the door to the HBXL office with a disgruntled murmur about the state of Bristol’s traffic in the mornings. He is swiftly followed by three fluorescent sporting colleagues, John and Joe who, having cycled, have little sympathy.

All systems go!

By 9:01 all traffic related complaints are finished for the day, coffee has been provided and the list of ‘out of hours’ emails, voicemails and Live Chats for support have been divided up and are ready to be scythed through. Some customers require a simple point in the right direction, some a little trickier needing a bit of ‘the extra mile treatment’ and another requires Tom to remotely login using Logmein to fix a user’s computer. It’s a good thing that coffee has been steadily flowing all morning!

I didn’t realise super heroes could juggle

Yes, apparently juggling is a vital skill to being successful as a support super hero. In the case of our cape wearing team this means juggling many tasks at once. Whilst going through the ‘out of hours’ queries and making sure every user that needs assistance is back up and running as soon as possible, they are also answering new support calls and the Live Chat. Every client gets the TLC they are require.

Not only this but whenever the team get a chance they develop additional support material for our Support website. John is writing up another FAQ guide for users, Josh is creating a how-to video and Tom is getting ready to take an online 1-2-1 training session. It’s no coincidence that the support team are only an arm’s length from the coffee station!


Further to this there is a new software release in the coming weeks and all of the support team are needed to go through the new software and make sure it is fully tested and ready to be shared with our users. Part of being a super hero is spotting the issue before it has affected anybody!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Clearly we think our support team are great. Not only do they do all this, and more on other days, they manage to be the sole lifeline to over 12,000 users all whilst keeping a smile on their faces and the friendly, helpful manner that can be associated with HBXL Building Software.

At HBXL the users are what matters and that is why we consistently have ratings of above 90% for customer satisfaction on our support. Listen to what some of our users have had to say about the support super heroes…

Graham Saunders of Trentace said: “They’re always extremely helpful even when I ask noddy questions! The complimentary training webinars have been excellent and they’re extremely comprehensive- the guys don’t end the session until they’re happy that every question has been fully answered. They’re very enthusiastic and helpful.”

What a busy day! And this didn’t even include assisting the sales team with technical client demos or helping a user setting up a software trial before they consider purchasing. We feel the support super heroes deserve their title. If you have a query that needs solving don’t hesitate to call 0117 9167899 or support@hbxl.co.uk, it’s what they’re there for!

If your support has run out, don’t worry! You can reconnect with the Support super heroes here.