Our HBXL support mission is to ensure each and every user is able to get the absolute best from their HBXL software products. No problem is too small. We will not rest (Mon-Fri 9-5) in providing consistent, best-in-class support. We will act rapidly to resolve any problems fast and prevent future issues arising, all with a genuine smile on our face. Effective. Consistent. Always there when you need us. You can call, leave a message, email or send a carrier pigeon so don't hesitate to contact us!

Thomas Brooks, Technical Support Team Leader

Powered by a constant stream of coffee; Tom will be able to assist you you with your support queries with his limitless knowledge.

Tom was a roofer in a former life until 4 years ago he was bitten by radioactive software that transformed him into a Business Support Advisor superhero! Now all of builder-kind can rest assured that he knows his stuff!

PC whiz combined with roofing know-how to create one ultimate EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress expert, especially roofing things!

Did we mention he used to be a roofer...?

Shannyn Sachse, Business Account Manager

Shannyn is our Business Account Manger which means she is YOUR Business Account Manager. She is the happiness warrior. The crusador of customer care and your first point of contact for everything Support & Updates Renewals. Always with her ear to the ground she has a 6th sense used to make sure all your software is in its most evolved form.

Fueled by tea and the smiles of happy HBXL users she is driven by the oh so real dream of being the mayor and defender of software-land.

“Always have a great time speaking to Shannyn, she is friendly, and helpful. She actually makes me feel that I am the only customer that you have got, which is not true but nice.” Dan Hall, HSL Building Services

Joe Walsh, Business Support Advisor

Joe Walsh a.k.a. The heart of gold
A recent but nonetheless essential part of the Support Heroes is Joe. Joe can't sleep at night unless he is sure that all HBXL users have adjusted well to the supersonic speed of the software. If you need some help on getting fighting fit with the software, Joe can assist you and also put you in touch with the rest of the Support Hero team. Everyone's best man and pub quiz partner.

Jim Pizzey, Technical Director

Jim our Technical Director is the mastermind behind the Support Heroes. He believes in prompt, friendly and professional assistance for all and will fight to defend the high customer satisfaction ratings tooth and nail.

Jim's brainchild is our impeccable CAD software; PlansXpress and he is also crucial to the nurturing and updating of EstimatorXpress.

Jim grows stronger with every new plan drawn or estimate quoted.

To contact Jim email support@hbxl.co.uk.