Graham Saunders, Trentace, High Wycombe

Position: Owner

Company: Trentace Limited

Type of Work: General Building works

Location: High Wycombe

Products Used:

  • EstimatorXpress

And another Builder Success Story: EstimatorXpress

Graham Saunders of Trentace Limited in High Wycombe, would be the first to admit that he’s not particularly computer savvy. But thanks to the support he’s had from the HBXL support team (and the fact that the software was designed for builders in the first place!) Graham has successfully mastered EstimatorXpress and has been using it for some time now.

In fact to quote Graham, “They’re always extremely helpful even when I ask Noddy questions!

“The complimentary training webinars have been excellent as well. They’re extremely comprehensive and the guys don’t end the session until they’re happy that every question has been fully answered. They’re very enthusiastic and helpful.”

Graham is typical of the vast majority of our software users and like them, he’s finding life in the trade better than it has been.

“We primarily do new builds, extensions, loft conversions – that kind of thing. Before I discovered HBXL I was using paper and pencil for my estimates. Not surprisingly I was always forgetting something in the quote that either reduced my profit, or actually lost me money.

EstimatorXpress is like a ‘crutch’. It forces you to look at areas more deeply than you would otherwise do.”

We asked Graham what difference it makes to present an HBXL quote to a customer.

“Rather than just focussing on the end price on the quote, the customer looks at the individual breakdown EstimatorXpress has produced. It helps make the pill much easier for the customer to swallow.”

Graham explained that he likes to show the customer the quote by build phase and the illustrations of the building stages created by the software not only make it clear, but actually help justify the price.

“I reckon my win rate is better than 50% now, which is all I can ask for. So I’m very pleased.”

Graham has since gone on to buy PlansXpress. As he noted, it’s early days but he’s already recognised the potential it has as another revenue stream.

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