Introducing your ultimate partner – BuildProjex for all things project management!

Let’s talk about something that’s going to make your work life a whole lot easier – BuildProjex – trust me, this project management tool is a game-changer! You know those days when you’re juggling a million tasks, trying to keep everyone in the loop, and desperately searching for that one crucial document? Well, say goodbye to the chaos because it’s all about to change. BuildProjex project management logo

BuildProjex is where successful projects happen. And its arrival is being applauded. And you can see why…

Task management

You know how you hate having to chase everyone for updates on their work? Or when they say they didn’t know they were supposed to be doing XYZ? Worry no more. Simply create tasks in BuildProjex and assign them to your team members. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when it needs to be done. No confusion. Plus, you can easily track progress, keeping everyone accountable and on track to meet those deadlines. Basically, there’s nowhere to hide anymore…

Document management

Picture this: instead of drowning in a sea of paper – risk assessments, building plans, contracts and sticky notes, everything you need for your projects is neatly tucked into one easy-to-access software programme. It’s all there in one place. Securely stored and accessible whenever you need them. Like a virtual filing cabinet. Basically, no more hunting around for important documents and notes. And most importantly, everyone with the relevant access can lay hands on the latest version. Remember that time your guys worked off an out-of-date set of plans…?

Multiple project management

You’ve got two jobs going through the quoting stage. You’re close to signing contracts on both. You’re breaking ground on a job next week. There’s another job that’s reached the first floor. And a further job that’s due for landscaping but it’s been too wet to do anything so far. And there’s labour, materials and plant to keep tabs on with all of them. Your brain can only hold so much information. So let BuildProjex take the strain. The ‘All Project’ dashboard sets out all your projects, showing among other things, tasks and diary info. That overview of everything will really make a difference.


With BuildProjex you can keep all your project milestones, deadlines, and meetings organised in one place. Plus, you can set up handy reminders so you never miss a thing. It’s like having your own personal assistant, but without the holidays, sick leave, National Insurance… you get the idea.


But wait, there’s more! BuildProjex makes communication a breeze. No more endless email chains or missed messages. Don’t those conversations that start in WhatsApp and end in Messenger drive you crazy?? With a built-in chat feature and discussion threads, you can easily communicate with your employees, subcontractors, and clients in one centralised platform. The outcomes can then be turned into a task, an appointment on the calendar and so on. All. In. One. Place.

So there you have it. BuildProjex is your ultimate sidekick for navigating the complexities of building projects. With its user-friendly interface, handy features, and endless benefits, it makes sense for any building firm looking to up their admin game. Embrace the power of BuildProjex today!

Try for free for 14 days. Just call us on 0117 916 7898 or download it here. Any questions you have, we’re happy to chat through. It’s a really valuable product for the UK residential construction industry. There’s nothing like it out there.