Estimating software for builders that wins profitable work

Estimating software that wins builders work is always going to be the go-to product. And EstimatorXpress is that go-to product. HBXL is the only UK based estimating software company that has been providing small to medium builders with practical estimating solutions for over twenty years. Your competitors love it…

What is success for a builder?

Most builders we speak to judge success as consistently winning profitable jobs, doing them well and making proper money. And with the money comes evenings off, weekends away, holidays, savings, a pension, decent kit, new vans, staff, maybe an office…

Do you have high hopes for 2023?

If holidays and new vans seem less likely in 2023 thanks to the current economic climate – it’s more than possible for you to buck the trend. Planning applications show that there are still plenty of homeowners wanting their dream extensions and loft conversions – and they’ll pay the right price to the building firm that ticks all the boxes.

Can you out-estimate your competition to the best jobs?

You’re better than your competitors? Right? So you need to quote more often and deliver (quality) quotations more quickly. EstimatorXpresss can complete a small extension in less than an hour. A larger extension in just over. What you don’t want to do is cut corners and risk losing money just to win the work. It could actually be cheaper in the long run to keep looking for the right customer and the right job. That’s why an accurate estimate from EstimatorXpress is worth its weight in gold. No money in the job when you review the estimate? Move on.

What do customers want from a quotation?

Homeowners are continually bemused by the quotations they receive. A few words in an email. A short text or WhatsApp message. A single A4 sheet with a couple of paragraphs. None of these approaches are going to win quality projects.

Professional quotations in seconds to win you the work | Building Software for BuildersToday’s savvy customer wants to understand how the total figure was arrived at. Not necessarily how many bricks or sheets of plasterboard – although they’d love it if you did (and EstimatorXpress quotations CAN provide that level of detail). But they definitely want to see a breakdown of the phases and the value of those phases.

In our experience, transparency and a professional looking quotation are real confidence boosters for a customer investing their life savings or extending their mortgage. If you’re worried that a detailed quote will result in them handing over your numbers to another builder – or giving parts of the job to other trades – well you’ve dodged a bullet. They were never your kind of customer.

Estimate the EstimatorXpress way and you’ll have…

  • The latest material prices – we update the prices monthly
  • Every last tube of mastic and tub of nails
  • The right quantities and labour hours
  • A mark-up
  • A percentage for overheads, wear and tear, wastage and inflation
  • A professional-looking customer quotation and covering letter
  • Material schedules automatically produced that you can give straight to the merchant
  • Project management reports – again – automatically produced…

…we could go on.

Build your future with HBXL

Yes 2023 has the potential to pose some problems. You can either take what you can or you can tackle the year (and many years to come) by rethinking your way of working NOW. And HBXL is here to help you build a a long term future with:

  • The software tools to manage your business better
  • Support – if you can build you can estimate the EstimatorXpress way – and we’ll help you
  • Business coaching to prime you for success in a competitive environment
  • Training from experts to help you excel now and in the future.

How to estimate your way to a profitable future >>

What next?

Ready to outperform your competitors and win regular profitable work? In the first instance, see just how straightforward our estimating software tool is. Download your free 14-day trial of EstimatorXpress today. Better still, let us give you a walk-through of the software first. It’s time to out-estimate your competitors and  build your future with HBXL.