Building estimating your way to a profitable future

We’re not here to encourage you to use building estimating software. We’re here to encourage you to rethink your way of working.

And by using EstimatorXpress, our own building estimating software, and all the associated business and technical support we provide, you’re closer to decent holidays, early retirement and a respectable pension pot – than if you weren’t.

If you….

  • Keep attracting penny-pinching customers
  • Struggle to say no to difficult customers because you need the work
  • Can’t stretch to the people, kit, vans, advertising… that you’d really like
  • Suffer from stress because you’re always worried about the business…

…isn’t it time for a rethink?

  • Starting with your customer base – who you want to appeal to – to make more money
  • How you’re going to market yourself to the right customers
  • What you want to charge and how you go about quoting to win the work
  • How you easily make your quotes legally binding – a lot of businesses go bust because their money isn’t protected
  • Your attitude to health and safety and the people who work for you

So why aren’t you seeing the kind of profit that you’d like?

Well I don’t know your own circumstances but with many building firms that are feel they are ‘just getting by’, we have this to say. It’s not the number of jobs you do in your working life that will give you the lifestyle you’d like. It’s down to the type of jobs you go after, and importantly, whether you:

1) charge the true and accurate cost of the ‘physical’ job and

2) include your own ‘behind the scenes’ business costs.

This is less about building estimating software, and more about a new customer base and a different mindset. It requires you going after quality customers and projects, ones that will make you a decent profit. But of course it’s not going to happen overnight.

We can help. You can ‘Build your future with HBXL’. And here’s how:

1) Easy-to-use software

To get you many steps closer to your goals – whatever they may be – you need profit-making estimates. You need the latest material prices, the right quantities and labour hours, a decent mark-up, the right percentage of overheads, wear and tear, wastage and inflation. And EstimatorXpress, our award-winning building estimating software, deals with that. It does all the calculations. That’s your profit sorted.

What about convincing the customer? The quotation needs to look good, smack of professionalism, and have just the right amount of information. With our quotations they’ll know you mean business. You’re the real deal. Trustworthy. Transparent. You’ll have a build programme to show timescales (automatically produced by EstimatorXpress at the same time as the quotation). Read more here.

2) Support from our customer service, technical and coaching teams

I spoke about building your ‘future’. We can’t do that if we just take your money and run. We’re in it for the long haul because your fortunes aren’t going to change over night. Our customer service and technical teams will support you in the early days as you get used to the software. And they’re still there when you have questions along the way.

We spend thousands and thousands of pounds on research and development, and every year our key software tools are given new features and further improvements are made – as I say, we’re here for the long haul. We want you to get the very best from your investment.

Our HBXL Business Coaches offer 60-minutes of free business mentoring advice. And when it comes to mindsets, we’d encourage you to chat with Simon Lazarus of the Better Business Group. It says everything that the UK’s top mentor to building firms is happy to give his time freely to our HBXL software users. We also provide complimentary software onboarding too, so you can start benefitting from your software asap.

And as already mentioned, marketing your business is key right now. You need way more homeowner leads into your inbox then you’re probably getting currently. To help you get in the right frame of mind to promote your building firm, watch this useful video.

3) Business training exclusively for construction firms

We even have the HBXL Skills Academy working with training partners, Local Authorities across the UK and the Department for Education on fully funded and heavily discounted Skills Bootcamps*. This division of HBXL exists solely to help builders who want to improve their business, management and admin skills.

What next?

There are courses out there charging big sums of money, whilst promising you a 7-figure salary – we’re not trying to compete with that. We’re here to give you a practical solution:

  • The tools to manage your business better
  • Every level of support
  • Business coaching to prime you for success
  • Training from experts to help you excel.

In the first instance, see just how straightforward our estimating software tool is. Download your free 14-day trial of EstimatorXpress today. Give us a call on 0117 916 7898. We can chat, walk-through the software and take it from there.  Build your future with HBXL.

*See if we’re in your region. And check back as new courses come online.