Another fantastic year for accurate estimating software EstimatorXpress

As it’s coming to the end of the year we thought it was a good time to sum up everything that has been happening with EstimatorXpress. We like to think it is the most accurate estimating software around and as usual we’ve been listening to your feedback to make it even better. The software has been through a series of developments and improvements that have helped it win several awards this year including ‘Most Outstanding Estimation Software‘ from Corporate Livewire, ‘Best Estimating Software 2016‘ in the Technology Innovator Awards and ‘Most Advanced Cost Estimation Application‘ in the Softech 2016 awards.

SO, other than coming in top of the class, what have we been up to this year? Read on to get a snap shot of our development on EstimatorXpress throughout 2016 and if you’re already an EstimatorXpress user, be sure to make sure you’ve got your Support & Updates in place because you will be missing out on all this plus another jam packed year ahead…

EstimatorXpress 2016 Spring Update

Way back in the Spring (March to be precise!) we released the first of the three updates we’ve made to EstimatorXpress this year. The main improvements came in the form of the roof guttering mini spec, which allows you to quickly and easily edit the specification for your project as you are setting up the estimate, in this case roof guttering and/or fascia boards and soffits. This was requested by many of our users! Plus we updated the Building Regulations Notes Wizard to improve the connectivity between PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress following our new partnership with Assure Building Control. Go to the full article to find out more about our winter update additions and improvements.

EstimatorXpress 2016 Summer Update

In June 2016 we released a second set of improvements to EstimatorXpress 2016 including New Workbooks to meet government pushes for improved drainage and sewage treatment plants with the rise in flooding over recent years, New Build Phases and a new “no decoration mini spec” which allows the user to remove all decoration costings in one click if they don’t quote for this work themselves…along with a range of improvements to existing specs and a hugely helpful improvement to the integration of EstimatorXpress and Health & Safety Xpert. For the full breakdown of all these additions read my conversation with our Business Support Manager here.

EstimatorXpress 2017

Despite being voted best estimating software 2016, HBXL are already looking ahead to 2017 with the release of EstimatorXpress 2017 which have looked to make the fastest and most accurate estimating software even faster. In this version we looked to further reduce the time it takes to produce estimates and quotes without losing any detail by adding a new navigation ribbon, a new ‘quick start’ estimating wizard, which remembers your preferences on how you work. This development to EstimatorXpress 2017 is a major improvement so I encourage you to find out all the details by reading the full article.

That’s what a year of Support & Updates gets you!

At HBXL we are committed to regular Updates throughout the year which are included in the Support & Updates subscription along with the award winning Support we offer. When you purchase the software you get access to the Support & Updates package for a year free. That’s a whole year of Support that is continually rated 94% satisfaction and higher as well as continual improvement on the software AND Live updates of our prices taken directly from builders merchants. If you are an existing user, be sure to keep your Support & Updates renewed to benefit from all these (and future) software developments.