EstimatorXpress Update

We’ve done it again! At HBXL we’ve always got our ear to the ground and keen to hear your views on how we can improve our (already handy) software range. This is why we always have updates in the pipeline (!).

You asked for it, so we delivered

Of all the amazing things EstimatorXpress can do we couldn’t be more excited about producing this fantastic new mini spec for guttering. The mini spec tool is a powerful addition to the software that allows you to choose and edit your specification selection.

The mini spec tool allows you to quickly and easily edit the specification for your project as you are setting up the estimate, in this case roof guttering and/or fascia boards and soffits. You can edit the resource type, quantity or even replace the resource altogether! This means that you are now saving time and effort and ensuring that you’ve considered all the necessary options within your specifications.

Within the roof guttering mini spec we’ve included the options:

Plastic Half Round

Plastic Rectangular

Plastic Deepflow

Cast Iron Half Round

Zinc Half Round

Aluminium Half Round

Cast Aluminium Half Round

Steel Half Round

Steel Rectangular

One of the most sought after guttering types that’s been requested aside from plastic guttering is cast iron guttering! Used on renovations projects and upmarket properties.

On top of these additions we’ve also done some spring cleaning (albeit a bit early given the weather we’ve been having). We have improved look of the software for high resolution screens (setting different DPI settings). Updated the Notes Wizard standard building regs text (part of the link between EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress), which have been checked with by HBXL partner – Assure Building Control.

Assure Building Control are an alternative to using your Local Authority Building who are committed to building meaningful, partnerships that provide a reliable, accurate and common sense route to a full building regulation approval.

And finally, various bug fixes and improvements to make the user experience even smoother.

We are aware this article is a bit tongue in cheek based on guttering not being the most exciting of additions but we are genuinely keen to hear your suggestions and ideas on improvements at all times, no matter how small they may seem. You’d be surprised how many people are thinking the same thing!

If you have your software and updates in place and would like to take advantage of this new addition please click here.

If your software and updates have expired then don’t be gutted (hehe). Follow this link to set yourself straight!

If you’re running an old version, you will need to upgrade. Follow this link.