Work on your costs today, and benefit tomorrow.

Before the pandemic of 2020, were you a profitable building firm? Or have you always known you could do better? This enforced slowdown-cum-shutdown could be viewed as an opportunity to regroup and re-start. And ‘knowing your costs’ is one of the goals in the HBXL Re-start Action Plan.

If all your jobs never quite make the money you’d hoped for, if you struggle to keep track of outgoings, then take the time to look at every aspect of your costs; all of them.

Some owners always run their businesses like they’re in a cashflow crisis. Increasing profit. Reducing costs. Getting better payment terms. Chasing down debt.

We can help with some of the financial points, and you’ll find tips, over three pages, on the following:

With a new plan for tackling finance and quoting for work, you’ll be better placed to win it.

Take a look at the other goals in the HBXL re-start action plan

There are lots more ideas on getting business-ready for when we ‘come out of the other side’ here >>

Next step

EstimatorXpress can help your re-start be a positive one, so why not have an online demonstration with one of the HBXL Building Software team. We’ve made lots of hour-long slots available. And if you have more time available at your end, you could trial the software for 14-days. We’re here, ready to chat on 0117 916 7898.