Re-start: Practical advice and tips for building firms during the Covid-19 crisis

Updated 19.5.20

This page is where you will find tips, advice and a series of ‘Action Plans’ on how to get your game face on, prepare for battle, and come back positively from the Covid-19 crisis. We’ll keep adding to the page so keep coming back! You’ll find our summary of the very latest financial support available from the government, on this page here. So take a look below at the five key areas of a building business that we’re covering.

  • How to make it on to the homeowner’s shortlist – make sure you stand out
  • Business Strategy – planning for the future
  • Business Health – think health & safety and contracts – how to stay legal always and during the Covid-19 crisis! 
  • Marketing – social media and more
  • Finances – getting paid, cash flow, profit…
  • Other useful resources – links to key websites during the crisis

Here at HBXL we don’t underestimate the task ahead of the building community. Some firms will be able to return to their already full order book and get back on the tools. Some will have to rebuild their business with less work and a reduced crew. Promised jobs won’t materialise. Most will be struggling to make payments with zero income.

But we’ve always been impressed by builders’ determination and resilience as Adrian our founder explains here. So we are going to help with practical suggestions using our combined knowledge and experience, during a time that can be often overwhelming. The HBXL Group has been supporting businesses for 20 years. That support has never been more important than now.

How to make it on to the homeowner’s shortlist

What are you offering that makes you stand out from the competition. What can you say about yourselves that others aren’t? Here are some really valuable tips and ideas.

Action Plan: Stand out from the competition with stunning pictures – read our advice >>

Action Plan: Add solar panels to your service – and make money with little effort – we explain how >>

Watch our Power Hour video chat with Richard from Comera Energy – why you need to offer solar panels! >>

Business Strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day issues, but now’s the time to look at the bigger picture and think about what you ideally want to achieve with your business in the future.

How to price for profit – not to fill the diary – now more important than ever during the Covid-19 crisis >>

It’s not about the risk of change – it’s the risk of not changing – tackle what’s stopping you go digital? >>

Our guide to going after the higher value customers – the kind of business you need to be >>

Do you wish you could charge more than you do – read our invaluable guide to get out of the recommendation rut >>

Find a quiet spot, make a tea, turn on the computer and let one of our guys show what we can do for your business >>

Business Health

Is your business in good shape? If you’ve been putting off getting on top of all your legal paperwork, aim to crack it over the next few weeks. Don’t risk fines, penalties or worse.

Covid-19: Download your HBXL Quick three-page Guide to site safety >>

Covid-19: How to work safely (and legally) on the building site >>

Action Plan: Give your customers all the right contractual paperwork >>


How do potential customers find you? Are you using social media to your advantage? We’ll bring you tips on getting in front of the homeowner.

Action Plan: Do some online training in using social media to promote your business – it’s great value! >>


Let’s face it there’s no business with no funds in the bank. Here are important pointers on getting paid, making money and more.

Watch our Power Hour video chat with James from Comera Professional – some excellent building firm financial advice >>

How to make sure you include all your costs in your estimates – every penny counts! >>

Action Plan: Make sure you get paid with stage payments >>

Refer to our page here with the latest information on the government’s support for small businesses >>

Other useful resources





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