Stress in construction

Construction doesn’t have to be stressful with a software solution

As a builder and developer for over 30 years, I know all about how running a construction company is a stressful job. First-hand I have experienced the pressure and demands that are constantly resting on the shoulders of anyone in the construction industry. This is where HBXL Building software came in.

The current situation of stress for construction workers

In a recent study ECIS, (the employee benefits company for the construction industry), found that 39% of the construction workers surveyed felt their building companies were under increased pressure to fulfil contracts compared to the previous year.

Stress affecting construction workers work life balance

The work/life balance is one of the hardest parts of running a building firm. Working an 8-5 day and then late into the night on estimates and quotes, trying to keep all the right building stress-in-construction-work-life-balancecontracts and health and safety documentation in place, it’s a wonder how anyone copes.

In 2015 many people working in the construction industry saw their balance dominated by work with 31% of those surveyed by ECIS saying they regularly work evenings and weekends and 80% saying they felt more pressure to do so than in the previous year.

Is it ever enough?

Not only are builders and developers working longer and harder hours but 64% are finding that they are having to turn work away and 36% have had to turn to unskilled labour in order to complete contracts.

How to address stress levels

Having stressed out over these exact dilemmas, running myself into the ground and the agony of having to turn away work I was struck by the need for something to help builders and developers like myself.

From this frustration I created EstimatorXpress to reduce the time and effort spent estimating. Not only that but the software can guarantee 100% accuracy so that no silly mistakes can be made. Automating the process meant I could produce quality estimates in a fraction of the time and therefore win more work.

Better than that I didn’t feel the pressure of coming down on price in negotiations because I’d put so much work into the job already. I had the ability to state a price, be confident it was correct and the strength/ease to move onto a different project if we couldn’t agree a price with the client.

All HBXL Building software is designed to relieve the stress of producing estimates, quotes, build plans, health and safety documentation, building contracts and project plans. All the software is intuitive and intelligent allowing you to put in minimal effort for maximum reward and all at break neck speeds.

EstimatorXpress alone reduces time spent estimating by 39% and when combined with PlansXpress, quotes can be created automatically off the back of plans in a matter of minutes. Does that sound like a stress saver or what!? Similarly your health and safety paperwork can be done in minutes with a quick export from EstimatorXpress!

Whether using one program or the lot the time saving and stress reducing advantages are priceless (though if you do want to see the money saving advantages check out our ROI Calculator).

Do you find it stressful chasing up builders merchants for prices? Well there is no need with HBXL Building software as the prices in EstimatorXpress are all updated live (connected to leading builders merchants), automatically to get that job off your desk.

It really works!

I was not alone in feeling the necessity for software to help builders get more out of their time and effort. In fact at least 12,000 other builders and developers have seen the time, money and effort saving advantages of seeking a software solution.

I encourage you to watch, read and listen to some of their software reviews as they may be just like you. Our users continuously describe the benefits of our software range including more free time, being able to choose the jobs they want and even saving their marriage!

Try it free today! 

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