Got a project? Make a plan! Your next successful project starts here. Chockfull of tools to manage your projects more efficiently than ever before. Watch the 1 minute video now to learn more.

Maybe you have several extensions on the go at once? Maybe you do lots of small insurance jobs that need managing and coordinating? Maybe you’re managing a 10 house site? For any building project(s) you want to manage more tightly and efficiently, ProjectXpert puts you back in control.
Construction projects need to breakdown organisation of build phases into materials, labour, plant, subcontractors by time and costs. Most project management software works on a top level “resource level” and doesn’t break it down by resource type. The industry is unique in that way. And ProjectXpert is unique in that way too.

Whatever the size of your business, ProjectXpert will put you in complete control of all your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. The software is equally powerful for individual jobs or multiple jobs on the go at the same time so you know exactly what is going on and YOU stay in control.

Manage your projects; don’t let your projects run you. Juggling resources, materials, finances and tradesman, there is always something to do and someone to speak to. When you’re in control of each project through effective planning you’ll reduce your stress levels and avoid complications such as over-ordering or unscheduled deliveries (or quite simply forgetting to order something in the first place!) A healthy business is dependent on clear thinking and fresh perspective. Too many hours spent working can be detrimental to both your health and your business.

Tailor-made for the industry, ProjectXpert thinks the way you do. The Project Builder wizard guides you through project creation making it really easy to use! Simply list out the tasks, their likely durations when they start, when they’ll finish and if anything has to finish before another phase can start (critical path). Plus rather than simply listing costs like generic project management software would, it allows you to split the costs allocated to each phase into materials, labour and plant.

Either build your build programme from scratch using the Project Builder Wizard (really easy!) or import an existing job into ProjectXpert from EstimatorXpress for a professional Gantt chart – super fast!

EstimatorXpress will associate your estimate to build phases in ProjectXpert, itemising the work in detail. It also has lots of functions specific to builders and will produce graphs and histograms to assist with cashflow management throughout the job.

You might think that your spreadsheet and word processing systems are man enough for your requirements, but are they as profitable as they could be? Imagine being able to merge all the jobs you have on the go and see whether you can better utilise your labour, how your material is being distributed, where your equipment is on any one day. Or see the impact of changes on the program to completion? ProjectXpert has the tools to keep you budget and improve the profitability of your business.

Just because ProjectXpert is much easier to use than the likes of Microsoft Project, doesn’t mean it isn’t packed full of useful features including Critical Path. In fact the combination of HBXL’s estimating software EstimatorXpress and ProjectXpert make the most complete, powerful solution to project management on the market!

Track tasks, finances and amends. Easily manage your project and track any agreed changes to the work in your build programme as the project progresses. Store a baseline to provide you with a snapshot of what things should have been happening and when versus any changes later made to the programme to show 'as built versus programme’.

Impress clients by supplying a professional build program at tender stage with your quote. Won the job? Most problems on site are the result of lack of information or miscommunication. Keep everyone in the loop and manage expectations by determining whether you can work to the dates required. ProjectXpert will improve communication between you and your customers, your contractors and not to mention the bank manager.

With ProjectXpert you get one year Support & Updates free (in year 1). It will keep you bang up to date with latest software and provide you with full support.

We understand that moving from manual methods of project management (paper based, spreadsheet, or even magnetic bars on the office wall) can seem a bit daunting. We place first class customer support as our top priority which is why we provide an online support desk, telephone support, video tutorials and much, much more to get you started.

We have more successful Building firms, Contractors and Trade Subcontractors using our range of software throughout the UK than any other building software, and are the winner of multiple awards year on year.

Check out our project management software reviews to see how other firms rate ProjectXpert.

Exclusive to our software is X-Connex data sharing technology which exchanges information about a job between software products.

With X-connex you can import an EstimatorXpress project into ProjectXpert to make your Gantt chart production even quicker. You can also import your EstimatorXpress build program and all its associated labour, material and plant costs. As you make amends on the job then export back to EstimatorXpress to reschedule all your deliveries and management reports.

You can only get X-connex data sharing technology with HBXL and means that from drawing a set of plans right through to producing the estimates, health and safety and building contracts or running your building projects you only need to enter the project information once!

We get lots of enquiries from builders and other tradespeople who have been burnt by their software purchases in the past and are looking for software from HBXL that delivers results rather than promises.

So if you’re struggling with any other estimating, CAD, health and safety or contracts software then rather than let it sit on the shelf gathering dust, now’s the time to switch to HBXL and make a huge saving with our Software Scrappage Scheme.