It’s time to estimate your building costs the digital way

So do you estimate your building projects using a digital tool?

If not – why not? It’s unlikely you’re using a mobile phone from 10+ years ago. If you’re old enough to know what one is, it’s unlikely you’re still using a VHS player. Technology moves fast and in the main we all embrace the inevitable changes and applaud the improvements – the ease of use, the improved quality and so on.

So why would anyone still be opening up an Excel spreadsheet to produce building project estimates? It doesn’t add up anymore. Even if they do the sums correctly for you, they’re not efficient and visually they don’t elevate your business presentation to the level that customers expect today. It’s likely your competitors are using digital estimating software – and most probably EstimatorXpress . It far outperforms other software for residential projects.

The economic landscape for residential construction in the UK is pretty tricky right now. Staying competitive and profitable requires more than traditional methods of estimating building costs. With the advent of HBXL’s EstimatorXpress (over 20 years ago!), builders have had the opportunity to streamline their processes, enhance accuracy, and ultimately boost their bottom line. In this article, we delve into the benefits of embracing digital estimating software and why it’s crucial in today’s market.

Behind the curve: The pitfalls of traditional estimating

  • Sticking to outdated practices can hinder efficiency and profitability: We’re not asking you to be a trailblazer. EstimatorXpress was available 20+ years ago. Admittedly in that time it has been significantly improved to become the highly engineered piece of kit that it is today.
  • Spreadsheets can be temperamental: While spreadsheets have been a staple for estimating, they lack the sophistication and functionality needed for accurate and efficient cost estimation.
  • Customers want more than an A4 sheet: Today’s clients have rising expectations. Anyone with a reasonable project wants detailed, transparent estimates that instil confidence and trust in the builder’s capabilities.

Don’t get left behind: estimate your building projects with a digital tool

  • Business is about practical decisions: ‘Digital Transformation’ sounds a bit over-the-top. We’d call it common sense. Embracing digital tools isn’t about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about making sensible decisions that drive business success.
  • Profit margins are becoming too low: Margins in residential construction can be slim. Accurate estimation is essential to avoid under-pricing projects and sacrificing profits. You get that in EstimatorXpress, from the 600+ calculators that are built into it.
  • Customers are very money conscious: In an era where every penny counts, clients demand cost-effective solutions. EstimatorXpress offers the ability to provide accurate estimates that align with clients’ budgets. You can tweak the cost with the client, to get it just right.

The benefits of EstimatorXpress: Improving your estimating process

  • Detailed and transparent: EstimatorXpress allows you to provide detailed breakdowns of costs, building trust with clients.
  • Presentation: How you come across is everything. Professional-looking estimates reflect positively on your ‘brand’ and reputation, setting you apart from competitors. Our customer quotations look the business.
  • Inexpensive: Some may perceive estimating software as a costly investment. We think our perpetual licences are reasonably priced. Plus, you can choose a 12-month subscription. And if you qualify, spread the cost with PayPal’s ‘Pay in 3’.
  • Long-term advantages: The benefits of EstimatorXpress extend far beyond the initial cost. It streamlines project management, reduces errors, and enhances overall workflow efficiency. You’ll appreciate this stability for years to come.
  • Easy to use: 600+ finely-tuned estimating calculators do most of the legwork, simplifying complex calculations. Despite its advanced features, EstimatorXpress remains user-friendly.
  • Latest material prices: The software takes its prices from PriceTracker+ which uses the latest material prices from across the UK. You literally couldn’t be as thorough sourcing prices yourself. We know because it’s a huge operation for us every month!
  • All costs are included: Nothing is left out. Every bag of sand. That’s every last nail. EstimatorXpress accounts for wear and tear, wastage – it’s all there. You need to maintain your margins long-term. Accuracy at all times to avoid running at a loss.
  • Get your weekends back: By automating and streamlining the estimating process, EstimatorXpress helps you achieve a better work-life balance. No more late nights and lost weekends.

Thanks to a fragile economy, the construction industry experiences many ups and downs. As a business owner you need to adapt to stay competitive. Embracing digital tools like EstimatorXpress isn’t about keeping up with trends; it’s about making sound business decisions that drive profitability, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

By investing in EstimatorXpress, you will revolutionise your estimating process, and that’s no under estimation! It will highlight your professionalism, and ultimately, help you thrive in today’s challenging business landscape.

Hear what Neil Groom, of NJG Building Solutions, has to say about using HBXL’s software.

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