What’s the plan? More money? More free time? Easier life?

Want more business success for your building firm? Are you keeping things just the way they are? Or have you imagined a better way of working? Are you using these strange times as an opportunity to make improvements?

You need a plan.

Yep. A plan. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Well we can all wing it when it comes to the smaller things in life – but not the fate of your business. Success doesn’t happen by accident. And continued, not fleeting, success starts with a plan. And as we say at HBXL – if you Plan it. You’ll Boss it. And you can start right now.

Plan Part I: Set Goals.

What do you want to happen to you and your business? Where do you want to get to? Give your business some thought. Think about what’s good and what’s not good about it. Let’s throw around some possible ambitions.

Not work weekends

Not work evenings

Improve the win-rate

Work on the business not on the tools

Have a better overview of the daily, weekly, monthly picture

Schedule work more efficiently

Not go over budget and dip into profit

Increase profit margins

Work on £200,000+ jobs

Build houses not extensions

Build small developments not just houses

OK there are some pretty big ambitions in there. There’s no harm in thinking big but unachievable goals are really just dreams. If you want to think big, add in milestones that you can tick off along the way. But make sure you have some that are easily achievable.

In reality all of these ambitions can be boiled down to wanting to…

…save time, make time, save money, make money.

Achieve those four aims and all the big ambitions can start becoming a reality.

Plan Part II: Agree actions.

Now you might think you’ll need complex strategies, graphs on an easel, motivational posters on the wall.  Plan for success with HBXLBut that’s unnecessary in our view. We might be biased but you can nail all your ambitions by simply dedicating time to builder-specific software. You can plan to improve your chances of success by:

  1. Getting intelligent, easy-to-use estimating software dedicated to construction, onto your computer
  2. Giving the software the time your ambitions deserve in order to learn the ropes
  3. Making it part of your daily life. Embed it in the business. Get at least one other person trained up in the software.

stay on top of your projects

And by choosing EstimatorXpress 2020, our award-winning estimating software…before you know it:

  • speedy, accurate quoting will be second nature;
  • build programmes will be standard procedure;
  • profit, wastage and inflation will always be factored in;
  • and your grasp of multiple projects and your business as a whole will be outstanding.

And then, those bigger goals will become smaller goals. So why not plan to talk to one of the team on 0117 916 7898. They’re a friendly bunch and can book a short online demonstration and set up a free trial.

And that’s how you Plan it. Boss it.

Found this useful? Want more?

We’ve been refining and improving HBXL software products year on year as new technologies become available. They’re super-fast, clever, mind-readers, one step ahead. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have gone into the software suite development because we want to help you thrive not just survive.

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