Estimating Software for new builds

See exactly how easy it is to estimate new build projects with EstimatorXpress

Follow these simple steps to estimating new build projects laid out by Tom Brooks, one of our Business Support Advisors in our amazing Support Team. Each video is only a few minutes long but still clearly demonstrates the time and effort saving power of estimating with EstimatorXpress. Once you’ve had a quick run through you, give us a call on 0117 9167898 so that we can get you started on a no-obligation 14 day free trial and 1-2-1 demo – no credit card details required! That way you can see it really is as fast and as easy as it looks!

Before we get started an important distinction to start with is the ability to use specifications based on the project type i.e. an extension or a new build. If you choose a new build specification then EstimatorXpress will help you by suggesting you choose material, labour and plant options that suit larger projects. This same distinction is made for all of the reports such as the build programme so that the whole process of estimating is already tailored to the job in hand.

Estimating Software for new builds -block-walls-big

Brick and Block Cavity Walls

In this first ‘getting started’ video, Tom demonstrates one of the most commonly used workbooks in EstimatorXpress. – the Brick and Block Cavity Wall workbook. In this video’s example he is creating a basic extension but the same process still applies to a new build. With useful tips along the way, Tom gives you a quick look at the fast, step-by-step process that makes EstimatorXpress so easy to use. The principles used in this example are the same for other wall types such as Cavity Block walls, Stone Faced Cavity walls and internal walls.

apex-valley-roofsApex Valley Roof

Every home needs a roof and in this video Tom uses of one of several types of roofs workbooks available.

Suspended Timber FloorEstimating Software for New Builds suspended-timber-floor

Now, Tom looks at how to cost a suspended timber floor including the ceiling plaster work. In a matter of minutes he has accurately costed up, saved the workbook and is onto the next task.

Estimating Software for Extensions - windowsWindows

In the next video Tom demonstrates the basic principles of using one of the many different windows workbooksIt hardly takes him any time or effort to add in dimensions and save the workbook – which can be used again on similar projects to save even more time!

Estimating Software for new builds - drains and drainageDrainage 

In this video Tom shows you how to use assorted drainage workbooks to cost out the various elements of drainage and also costing the plant for digging the assorted drain runs and associated holes. As I mentioned before, if you have chosen a new build specification from the start this will be as easy as choosing the the suggested plant as EstimatorXpress will intelligently decide which methods apply to the type of job specification.

estimating software for new builds typical-panel-doorPanel Doors

Finally, using one of the handy dimensions wizards, Tom demonstrates how easy it is to cost up the fitting of a door including wastage.

For more videos on slab extensions, structural openings, subcontract quotes, bathroom fitting, cloakrooms and more check out the EstimatorXpress ‘Getting Started’ video range.

 It really is that quick and easy to estimate a new build project with EstimatorXpress from HBXL. If you think it looked too easy and believe it is probably too good to be true then we encourage you to get a 14 day, free trial to find out for yourself. It’s no obligation, and only takes a minute to fill in with no credit card details required. There’s absolutely no reason you wouldn’t give it a try today.