Automatically produces over 80+ powerful management reports direct from your estimate

EstimatorXpress automatically produces over 80 plus helpful management reports instantly from your estimate data to give you the edge, win you the work and protect your profit once the job’s been won.


Instant breakdown of costs and cashflow in tables and charts

As well as a full breakdown of costs, cutting lists, material schedules (Bill of quantities) and labour schedules it will also tell you how much profit you are going to make and provide cashflow analysis. Plus the Stage Payment Calculator (optional extra) will help ensure you get paid on time


Drill down into the costs

Being able to drill down into the costs of a project allows you to have a complete picture of where your money is going and keep tabs on expenditure. Analyse your costs - it's worth it! EstimatorXpress not only helps you build up the cost of the project but it also allows you to analyse all your costs in detail through its reporting tools.


Fully editable reports

You can edit the reports within EstimatorXpress using your estimate data by dragging and dropping the data columns and using the Pivot table features. You can also export your reports into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word as you require.


Instant cost reports

Detailed cost breakdowns show your costs precisely, so you know how they are incurred, helping you stick to budget! Presenting in-depth costs to prospective customers justifies your prices and wins trust.


Instant profit forecasts

Profit analysis so you can see how much money you’ll make on the job or project before you start!


Instant material order reports

They say that time is money. Use the automatically produced ‘Just in Time’ Material and Labour schedules to ensure you’ve got what you need on site, when you need it, to avoid costly delays to construction. Material schedules allow for supplier lead times to ensure there are no hold-ups


Material order reports

Having a complete schedule of materials required for an entire job at your fingertips (automatically off the back of your estimate!) can be given to a supplier to improve bargaining power. AND it will help you avoid over ordering which can be expensive with merchant restocking charges at about 20% of the price! Instead of endless trips to the merchants - one trip to agree a good deal on the entire job with delivery to suit your build program.


Instant cashflow charts and reports

As you know, cashflow is king and critical to the success of any building business. Our cashflow reports allow you to control your finances and bank balance.


Protect cashflow with the Stage Payment Bonus Pack: Optional Extra

EstimatorXpress can help by combining your detailed costings and building program into cash flow tabular report and chart (so you can see your cash flow visually). Combine this with our Stage Payment Bonus Pack (optional extra) and you can see any cash dips in the project and then request appropriate stage payments for your client.


Keep on top of cashflow

Proper project cash flow in place helps with:
• Obtaining loans and bank monitoring
• Contractor progress monitoring
• Managing cash within the business - both getting paid and when things need paying.


Instant accounts with Construction Industry Accounts

Finally you can export your estimate data to Construction Industry Accounts accounting software so you can undertake budget versus actual reporting on your projects.