CDM 2015 – it doesn’t apply to me!?

Think Construction Design and Management 2015 regulations don’t apply to you?

Think again! Unless of course you’re doing some DIY at home – fair enough you’re excluded!

To be clear, you are bound by Construction Design and Management 2015 regulations if you are:

  • directly employing construction workers.
  • directly engaging construction workers.
  • managing construction workers.
  • a sub-contractor carrying out construction work.
  • a sub contractor managing construction work.
  • a sub-contractor controlling construction work.
  • a self-employed person carrying out construction work.

You get the picture! Even something as simple as replacing a boiler is covered by Construction Design and Management 2015 (CDM 2015) regulations. The HSE have given the contractor the important role of controlling risks. By carefully planning, managing and monitoring the work carried out the HSE believe the contractor is better placed to protect workers from injury and ill health.

We explain more about the regulations that came into force in April 2015 here, there’s also a handy pdf guide here, details of the construction phase plan and a video. We’re here to help!

And in the meantime, check whether your projects tick all the Construction Design and Management 2015 boxes and take a look below at the charts we’ve put together itemising the key requirements of the 2015 regulations. You see they do apply to you!

Construction Design and Management 2015