How to calculate the cost of being Covid-19 secure on the building site

Now you can calculate the cost of being Covid-19 secure – take a look further down the page at the step-by-step screen shots of the new Covid-19 Estimating Calculator in EstimatorXpress 2020.

Being Covid-19 Secure on the building site comes at a price – one that needs to be passed on to your customers. After all, it’s their safety that you’re ensuring as well.

Then there’s the legal side of things. You have to undertake a Covid-19 Risk Assessment by law – and act on the outcomes (which costs money – see above!). Read more about the legal implications.

Doing all of this work also demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to health and safety, particularly in these difficult times.

So will your competitors go to the same lengths? Or will you be favoured by the customer over them? Right now it’s not just the price of the extension that the homeowner is interested in.

This new calculator covers four key aspects – PPE, hygiene equipment, signage, plus extra Labour/Sub-contractors e.g. cleaners and extra management.

What the Covid-19 Calculator includes

PPE – face masks/visors needed for working in enclosed spaces

Hygiene equipment and materials – portaloo, hand sanitiser, sprays, soap, hand towels, waste disposal and other cleaning products

Signage – Covid-19 public notices for helping maintain social distancing, plus floor paint, tape, screens and barriers

Labour & subcontractors – the cost of someone’s time in implementing and monitoring Covid-19 policies and procedures

Watch out…

When you look at the last screen shot and think the £10,796.79 cost for the Covid Control looks like a ridiculously large amount… bear in mind the example we’ve used is a 12-month large house build. And if you multiply the number of single-use face masks handed out per day, per worker… you’ll soon realise how the number escalates. It demonstrates perfectly that you just can’t swallow these material costs.

How do you get your Covid-19 Secure calculator?

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And by the way, the latest EstimatorXpress 2020 update also includes an automated Gantt chart and new Rounding tool. Jim, HBXL Technical Director, explains these features in a webinar here. The advanced Gantt chart gives you optional Covid-19 profiles, which in simple terms keeps inside trades such as plumbing and electrics 1st fix trades separate, and similarly joinery, electrics and plumbing 2nd fixes separate too. On a larger jobs such as a 5 bed house this could add up to 19 days to the build programme. Of course you can manually overide these profiles as you see fit.

Now for the screen shots of the Covid calculator!

Step 1. Adding the workbook through the Preliminaries Sundries of the Quote Template


Step 2. Selecting a dimensional template to use


Step 3. Personal Protective Equipment Dims Wizard

Step 4. Hygiene equipment Dims Wizard


Step 5. Signage equipment Dims Wizard


Step 6. Labour and Sub-Contractors Dims Wizard


Step 7. Resource Wizard


Different ways of viewing costs – Cost by build phase


Different ways of viewing costs – Cost by resource type


Different ways of viewing costs – Site setup reported costs in a quote by build phase