Making your building site Covid-19 secure

We salute all the builders starting their ‘fightback’ to get their businesses up and running during the crisis! But many have questions about the measures they need to take to be Covid-19 secure. So to help we called in the big guns! Dave, our Health & Safety Consultant spoke to me for one of our Power Hour video chats. The tips and observations Dave provided were really useful. Power Hour video chat health & safety

You can watch our (home-to-home) chat here. There are also three points worth noting further down the page.

Our conversation coincided with the launch of Health& Safety Xpert 2020’s new additions; 9 Covid-19 documents including Site and Office Covid-19 Risk Assessments (required by law). Find more on Covid-19 Risk Assessments for builders here.

At £399+VAT for a 15-month subscription (three extra months free until 30.6.20) it’s a worthwhile investment.

And as promised here are just three of a number of important points worth noting if you don’t get to watch the video straightaway:

#1 Social distancing of 2 metres and cleaning regimes are a requirement for working outside. Face masks or face coverings need only be worn if it’s a personal preference and may be used when in enclosed spaces. (Use the usual PPE in work activity to protect against non-Covid-19 risks)  

#2 Plan for each worker to have their own tools (as practical). Label them if possible. Set up drop-off or transfer zones for shared tools and equipment, and clean immediately after use. We’ve more guidance on tool-sharing here.

#3 Travel separately where possible and if impossible work in ‘fixed pairs’. Open windows to increase airflow. Put up a physical screen with safety in mind. Sit side by side rather than face to face. Clean shared vehicles between journeys.

We’ve put together a number of other pages which we hope will help you meet your obligations – legal implications, a quick Q & A, plus a downloadable 3-page Checklist.

So call the team on 0117 916 7898 to find out more about Health & Safety Xpert 2020 and all the Covid-19 documents you and your builders need to stay safe, secure and legal. And let’s help the building community come back fighting!

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