What is the best estimating software for builders in the UK?

The best estimating software for builders in the UK really depends on your needs. HBXL’s EstimatorXpress is the first choice for small to medium sized UK-based building firms working on residential projects such as extensions, loft conversions and new builds. So if that’s you – you’ve come to the right place! Scan the important points below if you don’t want to be left any further behind…

There are other products out there for tradespeople who don’t need a wide range of templates and calculators. And there are different products again for those wanting practical BIM and a full Bill of Quantities.

Builders generally come to us because they want to stop using a spreadsheet or guesswork. They often choose us when they’ve had a bad experience with other software*. You might like to take a look at how we compare to Price-A-Job and Easy Price Pro (now Build Aviator). And we’re popular with builders who want to be more profitable, or they’re stressed, stretched… I could go on.

So what makes EstimatorXpress the best estimating software?

  • It’s perfect if you want to save time but don’t want to scrimp on accuracy, detail or professionalism
  • EstimatorXpress can (100% accurately) produce a renovation quote in under 30 minutes
  • An extension takes around 60 minutes once you’ve experimented and played with the software
  • The knowledge base within the software is amazing. Building professionals created the software.
  • EstimatorXpress uses clever ‘whole project quote templates’ to fast track estimating – we do all the spadework for you
  • Actually there are hundreds of pre-loaded quote templates to choose from
  • Each template has the estimating calculators relevant to the project (you can access over 600 calculators).
  • And each calculator includes an explanation on what it can be used for and what materials are being estimated. The notes also flag up any important things to consider.
  • So with EstimatorXpress you don’t have to remember to add in the guttering or the roof insulation for instance
  • The software automatically includes all the materials, all the plant, all the labour for every phase of the job
  • And as the job ‘builds’ on screen you can see the cost, overheads and profit totals changing in realtime
  • All you have to do is input your dimensions and specification preferences into your chosen quote template and you’re virtually done
  • So instead of entering in all the foundations lengths, then footing lengths, then wall areas (net of windows) for both inner and outer leafs, then plastering areas, then decorating areas etc… EstimatorXpress calculates everything for you.
  • Then there’s the live pricing with our Price Tracker+ which powers the building materials part of the programme – giving you the very latest prices

How good is EstimatorXpress once the job is won? Amazing!

  • EstimatorXpress is also a project management tool – because how you manage the job to completion – is how you make your money
  • The Build Programme helps you stay on track – a game changer for our users. And when one thing changes – the change cascades through the chart.
  • There’s also an onscreen dashboard which shows you what quotes need finishing or chasing up, what jobs are starting soon, your win rate…
  • The dashboard also automatically analyses your estimates – cash flow, what’s profitable, what’s not…
  • There are dozens of reports available to you – all there on the dashboard
  • And if you have to alter the estimate – the software automatically updates all the reports for you – without you having to retype a thing!
  • Oh and the clever bit of kit automatically produces Building Regs Notes appropriate to your project – which you can then edit if required

What else do I need to know?

  • You can subscribe or buy outright – you choose to suit your budget
  • We provide full support as part of our Support & Updates package giving you unlimited help and telephone support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm from our friendly, practical team
  • You can fully integrate your EstimatorXpress estimating software with our CAD software PlansXpressHealth & Safety XpertContractsXpert and ProjectXpert – helping you cut down on the rest of your admin burden.

So is EstimatorXpress the best estimating software for you? We offer a number of evaluation methods including personal 1-2-1 demonstrationsvideos and webinars to help you arrive at a decision.

It’s also worth taking into account the awards we’ve won, the customer testimonials, and our software reviews on Trustpilot. We’ve been producing award-winning software for over 20 years now and our reputation goes before us. Joanna, our Operations Director is a regular on Federation of Master Builder advice panels. And Adrian, Managing Director, is well known as a guest speaker such is his expertise on the subject of building admin.

What next?

Start by giving us a call on 0117 916 7898. We look forward to chatting to you.


* If you have used a competitor product you might be interested to know about our HBXL Software Scrappage Scheme which entitles you to up to £300 towards our own software.