Easy Price Pro vs HBXL EstimatorXpress

With HBXL’s EstimatorXpress software you get the best value – with no hidden costs

Catch-22. You’re disappearing under paperwork, so sensibly you’re considering time-saving estimating software. But you’re worried about spending the little time you have trawling the internet, making phone calls, watching demos, trialing software…to find the right solution that will get you easily quoting often and accurately.

Our competitors

To help ease the process take a look below to see what separates us from our closest competitors, Easy Price Pro / Build Aviator.

We also understand at the time of writing this that Easy Price Pro is no longer available and is only available as a Cloud solution via Build Aviator (owned by St Gobain the builders merchant).

We’ve widened the gap… we went big Spring 2019

Back in the Spring of 2019 we launched our most advanced estimating software, EstimatorXpress 2019. The development team built a brand new estimating engine. They transferred EstimatorXpress to an advanced, incredibly stable non-Excel platform bringing an end to Microsoft-imposed glitching. And there was more…

  • Screen changes are faster – the interface is slicker
  • Easier to use – pre-loaded job templates do all the spadework for extensions, new builds, conservatories and renovation work
  • Clever onscreen dashboard shows you what quotes need finishing or chasing up, what jobs are starting soon, your win rate…
  • The dashboard also automatically analyses your estimates – cash flow, what’s profitable, what’s not…
  • Brand new Price Tracker+ bringing up-to-date building material prices (with links to key builders merchants)

A few key points about our software compared to Easy Price Pro –

  • We’re NOT a cloud solution and proud of that – EstimatorXpress is too powerful, and for that reason alone, we’re a desktop based tool (this also means you have no down time if you have internet problems)
  • You can subscribe or buy outright – you choose to suit your budget.
  • We provide full support as part of our Support & Updates package giving you unlimited help from our friendly, practical team
  • We’re totally independent (not tied to any specific builders merchants) so the software you get is honest and accurate
  • AND you can fully integrate your EstimatorXpress estimating software with our CAD software PlansXpress, Health & Safety Xpert, ContractsXpert and ProjectXpert – helping you cut down on the rest of your admin burden.

It is always worth checking out estimating software reviews to evaluate your construction pricing software options before purchasing.  You want to make sure that it fits your business and needs. Here at HBXL we offer a number of evaluation methods including personal 1-2-1 demonstrationsvideoswebinars and events.

It’s also worth taking into account the 11 awards we’ve won, the customer testimonials, and our best-rated software reviews on Trustpilot (the only residential building software to have 5 stars).

Scrappage scheme

And if you’re already an Easy Price Pro user, you might be interested to know about our HBXL Software Scrappage Scheme which entitles you to up to £300 towards our own software. Ready to switch? Talk to us now.

Top reasons to choose EstimatorXpress

  1. EstimatorXpress, is powerful, easy to use and really, really, fast. It has vastly superior estimating functionality. Just look at the pre-loaded job templates to super-charge your estimating!
  2. We’ve got a track record. We’ve been supporting builders for nearly 20 years—we’re not some new upstart business, here today, gone tomorrow 🙂
  3. We’ve helped literally thousands and thousands of firms over the years. We’re Tried and Trusted!
  4. Our team are passionate, supportive and friendly. We’re with you every step of the way. No team will work harder for you.
  5. We’re award winning. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet, but honestly, it must say something for the quality of our software that we’ve won 11 awards for our estimating and take-off software, the quality of our technical support and our general innovation.
  6. We’re a family run business. Adrian Wild, supported by his three daughters in the business and an extended “family” of team members, look after our family of software users
  7. We’re UK based and understand the uniqueness of UK building and health and safety reg’s
  8. We don’t do Apps, we do massively hard-working software – no gimmicks.
  9. We spend 25% of our Group turnover on R&D so we can keep on innovating and bringing you bang up-to-date software in line with latest construction and technologies.
  10. Low cost annual subscription – or great value “buy out right” perpetual (life time) licences. You choose!

More questions? Please leave a live chat message here or call us on 0117 916 7898.