Your construction health and safety documents

The nine key construction health and safety documents in Health & Safety Xpert that will help you meet your legal obligations and give you peace of mind. Now is not the time to take any risks with your employees, sub-contractors, visitors on site or customers. Where Covid-19 requirements are relevant they are automatically incorporated into these documents.

These videos total 55 minutes – so that’s less than 55 minutes – when you remove Olivia’s introductions and goodbyes – to complete the all-important documents. Yes you still need to action the recommendations. Yes you need to brief everyone on site. Printing and filing the documents for the HSE Inspector’s visit is not job done…

Starting a project – 10.23 minutes >>

Completing the Company Health and Safety Policy: 6.45 minutes >>

Completing the Pre-Construction information: 5.49 minutes >>

Creating, editing and printing Risk Assessments: 7.18 minutes >>

Creating, editing and printing COSHH Assessments: 7.26 minutes >>

Creating Method Statements: 3.02 minutes >>

Completing the Construction Phase Plan: 2.58 minutes >>

Creating, editing and printing Toolbox Talks: 6.22 minutes >>

Completing the health and safety file: 4.57 minutes >>

Using Health & Safety Xpert is straightforward – and fast

  1. The software looks at all aspects of your project and picks out what construction health and safety documents are needed for that specific job.
  2. It fills out as much of the paperwork as it can for you and then it’s over to you briefly for the information only you can provide.
  3. Anything you miss out – the software lets you know.

We call that a quick win. No extensive training. No time commitment. No need to digitalise your whole business today – just the part that will help you work within the law.



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