When HBXL met Crystal

Recently Adrian Wild, HBXL Founder and Steve Halford, Crystal Direct Group Managing Director, had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about how HBXL Building Software and Crystal Direct PVC-U providers became excelling partners in business, discussing their similarities in origin. Both founders; Martin Randall of Crystal Direct and Adrian of HBXL began life in their trade as an installer and builder/developer respectively. They also talk about how the partnership has worked and what the future holds for the pairing. Read on to find out what happened when HBXL met Crystal…

How were you introduced?

Steve: We were introduced to HBXL by TradePoint. We are TradePoint’s sole supplier of PVC-U windows and doors to the trade.

Adrian: We are also longstanding partners of TradePoint and they suggested we be introduced as they knew we were looking for a PVC-U provider.

What attracted you to a partnership with each other?

Adrian: Our customers had told us that they would like to see some specific PVC-U manufacturers in our software. As always, we listen to our customers’ suggestions and try to deliver what they want and need. When we met with, it was clear from the outset that HBXL and Crystal Direct shared many synergies.

With both founders backgrounds in the trade, mine as a builder and developer and Martin’s as an installer, it meant that we both had a solid understanding of our industries which gave us a great basis for our partnership. Both companies put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We understand our markets and we know what they want.

They give builders what they want, attractive pricing and fast delivery nationwide. What’s not to like? Plus with a massive range of choices we knew our customers would be happy!

Steve: Exactly, once we’d taken a look at HBXL’s software we knew that it was a quality product which helped to make builders’ lives easier – which is something that we’re all about

Another point to raise is that we both seek to continuously improve our range, with us is through our range of products and HBXL with their continuous improvement of their software and new launches.

And has it been successful?

Steve: Definitely! We’re really happy about not only the amount of HBXL users that have decided to choose us, but also we know we are dealing with smart builders – HBXL customers generally seem to be very switched on!

Adrian: It’s been really good for us too. We’ve had loads of positive feedback from our users saying they are loving the new range and that Crystal are great suppliers.

What’s next?

Steve: Our relationship with HBXL has gone from strength to strength since the launch, which is something we are really happy about. We’ve just introduced our installation service which is now available for HBXL customers too, expanding the services that are available to them. So now they can either choose to have supply only, survey and supply or survey, supply and fit.

Adrian: Yes, we’re a big fan of their installation service as it’s gone down a treat with our customers. We’ve been told they’re so fast and efficient, reaching the majority of customers in under an hour. They not only do all the different levels of service Steve mentioned but they’re even helping some of our users become Which? Trusted Traders for PVC-U installation*.

It really is win win for our customers right now. Crystal improve their service and we get to share this with our customers. And if they decided to fit themselves they can add another stamp of approval with the Which? accreditation.

Steve: Another string to their bow, that’s how we see it, and it’s definitely how the HBXL customers see it! We think part of the attraction to HBXL’s software is being able to take more jobs in house. The regular building firm can now produce their own plans and off the back of that fly through the estimates, quotes, health and safety, contracts, accounts and project planning. No wonder they want to add on PVC-U installation. They can do it all!

Adrian: Crystal have been great to work with and in the near future we’re looking to introduce additional items to EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress from the Crystal Direct collection. There’s definitely more in store.

Steve: We’re both certain that the strength in the partnership will keep growing. HBXL and Crystal are an unbeatable team.

If you already have EstimatorXpress and would like to add the Crystal Direct Bonus Pack please click here. If you are interested in purchasing EstimatorXpress please click here. Or alternately please speak to our team at 0117 9167871 or drop us an email at sales@hbxl.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!


*Which? Trusted Trader status subject to final approval from Which?