Construction Project management in under 2 minutes with ProjectXpert

ProjectXpert is the best construction project management software for UK builders and developers because it has been designed by award-winning construction software providers - HBXL Building Software.

ProjectXpert is project management software for the building industry that will allow builders and developers to drastically save time & ensure all their building projects run as smoothly as possible.

Maybe you have several extensions on the go at once? Maybe you do lots of small insurance jobs that need managing and coordinating? Maybe you’re managing a 10 house site? For any building project(s) you want to manage more tightly and efficiently, ProjectXpert puts you back in control.
Construction projects need to breakdown organisation of build phases into materials, labour, plant, subcontractors by time and costs. Most project management software works on a top level “resource level” and doesn’t break it down by resource type. The industry is unique in that way. And ProjectXpert is unique in that way too.

Manage your projects; don’t let your projects run you. Juggling resources, materials, finances and tradesman, there is always something to do and someone to speak to. When you’re in control of each project through effective planning you’ll reduce your stress levels and avoid complications such as over-ordering or unscheduled deliveries (or quite simply forgetting to order something in the first place!) A healthy business is dependent on clear thinking and fresh perspective. Too many hours spent working can be detrimental to both your health and your business.

HBXL produce software specifically designed for the construction industry and construction workers. Coming from a background in building work, HBXL building software is by builders, for builders.

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