Who knew software could get you weekends away?

Building firm goalsYou have goals for your building firm, but what about your own? Forget the extensions you’re building for your customers – are you building a future for yourself? What’s in it for you? How do you want to reward yourself?

What’s on your wish list?

Not working every weekend
Reducing evening admin
Getting and keeping fit
Enjoying an interest or learning a new skill
The occasional weekend break
Having at least two weeks holiday a year
Having financial security in retirement
Paying off the mortgage asap
Visiting say… the Pyramid of Giza or the Great Wall of China…

What lengths would you go to in order to tick off that list?

Four free sessions of an online course? Either live or on demand…
90 minutes of free 1-2-1 software coaching?
A couple of evenings getting to grips with software?
A mindset to produce accurate, profitable quotations?

Yes? Sounds reasonable?

Especially if collectively these actions could get you regular nights off, a season ticket, a weekend city break, two weeks in Spain, a decent pension pot, an expansion budget, money in the bank…??

If you’re up for a few hours playing around with our (frankly easy-to-use) software then you will be rewarded in hundreds of hours saved and bigger profits. Small steps now – huge gains later.

Think about the bigger picture

Recognise our fully synced software tools for what they are – money earners, stress relievers, inflation beater, even game changers. Goals for ambitious building firm owners. Learning the software in the first few weeks is what, a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things?

How could HBXL software help me reach my goals?

Quoting will take you much less time
You’ll be creating a premium business with customers who appreciate professional quotations
Your material costs will be accurate
Our inflation calculator will keep you profitable in the future
The software won’t let you overlook anything
It will encourage you to allow for overheads, wear and tear, wastage…
The Build Programme will keep you on track and on target

And that’s just what EstimatorXpress has to offer.

Money and time

On the subject of time – 84% of our customers report saving between 50-75% estimating time with EstimatorXpress. That’s the equivalent of 2-10+ hours saved per week. Impressive eh?

And on money – The HBXL ethos is that builders should charge their worth not what they think customers would be prepared to pay. If you can stand the heat, if you are prepared to stick it out and shun the low hanging fruit… all this could be yours.

Join the HBXL Community

HBXL has spent the last 22 years building downtime into builders’ busy lives. We’ve been installing peace of mind. We’ve been creating financial security. The clever software tools our developers have produced are your route to solid profit and less time doing admin. There’s no other residential construction software company in the UK that has got the builder’s back like we have.

Building Firm goals – pipe dreams or real possibilities?

You decide. Because working all hours is no way to live – especially if you’re not being properly rewarded. And if you feel like you’ve got the work-life balance just right, and profit is looking bang on – let’s talk about the other areas we can help with – CAD, Health & Safety, Customer and Sub-contractor contracts. Give us a call on 0117 616 7898 to arrange a short online demonstration of your future. Let’s talk life goals – not software.