Three things we’ve learnt in the last 12 months #2021wins

#2021wins – what we’ve learnt. It’s been another year of monumental change, but one of progress in terms of the builder’s software journey. We’ve learnt over the year just how important it is for businesses to be able to adapt and change – particularly around huge fluctuations in pricing and challenging material lead times.

So we thought we’d explore some of the defining construction issues of 2021 with the help of three members of the HBXL team and the lessons they offer in the year ahead.

Marc’s #2021wins – thinking twice about accepting just any job

Marc who heads up the sales side of HBXL has observed the significant increase in building projects across the UK in the last 12 months. Couples have been working from home, there’s been less to spend their money on – an extension is needed – and now. So what would Marc claim to have been an achievement for the sales team during these busy times?

“Builders who have gone on to use EstimatorXpress during the pandemic have discovered that they can exercise a lot more discretion about the kind of work they take on. The live dashboard in the software gives them an overview of the type of work that has been really profitable and they can make more considered decisions about the future. But more than that, the speed at which they now estimate means they can easily quote for more jobs – and then pick and choose what they submit. It’s a win-win.”

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Tom’s #2021wins – inflation checking and materials management

Tom is our software coach and chief technical support person. His over-arching advice to builders over the last year has been to plan well – particularly in terms of:

1) the cost of the job at the point that ground is broken

2) material order reports and schedules.

Tom explains: “I’ve been talking builders through the inflation tool in EstimatorXpress. The rising prices mean that the cost now won’t be the cost when you actually begin the work. You really have to know the actual price of construction at the job start – and the software can give you a good idea of the likely cost. It’s up to the builder to use that knowledge to protect their profit.

“And with the shortages of materials, and long delays getting hold of materials – planning is crucial if you don’t want to be hit in the pocket. EstimatorXpress automatically provides material order schedules and reports. You can beat the competition to the products by acting fast and submitting your order early.”

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Steven’s #2021wins – keeping material prices up-to-date

Steven is part of the software development team. One of his many roles is working alongside his colleague Andy to gather the latest material prices every month. It’s never been more important to keep on top of this figures whilst inflation is playing havoc with builders’ estimates.

Steven explains: “The Price Tracker+ in EstimatorXpress keeps the software up-to-date with an accurate take on prices in Builders Merchants across the UK. Builders don’t have the time to check out the prices themselves – there are just too many products in a build for them to do the monitoring themselves month after month.

“Price Tracker+ has been a massive win for us in our bid to protect the builder’s bottomline. It’s a massive task sweeping the catalogues each month – but it’s one less thing for our customers to think about.”

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What next?

Hopefully you’ve had your own #2021wins and plan to build on these successes. Let us help you make the most of the new start that a new year heralds. Give us a call on 0117 916 7898 to talk through your needs and wishes to improve your admin and estimating. Or arrange an online demonstration or free 14-day trial. And look forward to a successful 2022.