Smart Builders Week 2015

In April 2015 we ran a free online initiative for building firms with ambition. Think Smarter. Work Smarter. Be Smarter.

This included:

121 business consultations with your business to establish your needs and requirements:
Spend quality time with one of our business consultants to identify if our software is right for you. Tell us what you’re looking for and we can advise you straightforwardly if we have the tools that fit your bill.

“How to” sessions
Join our series of really useful how to sessions:

  • How to improve your business quotation win-rate by 230%
  • How to understand the changes as part of CDM 2015
  • How to become a design and build firm

VIP 121 Workshop
Get up to speed with how our software works and how you can practically use it in your business – 1 hour free training with our Business Support Team experts before you take the plunge – no obligation!

Smart Success Stories

Tune in to interviews with other building firms MD’s and hear what they have to say about our software suite and how it’s upped their game


The secret to Smart Estimating

Save half your estimating time, improve your business win rate by 230% and if you’re a property developer see how your project’s profit margins could be improved.

How to improve your business win rate by 230%

Join Marc Brady from HBXL as he shows you how you can improve your business win rate by 230% when quoting for new work using simple, proven techniques used by thousands of smart builders across the UK. This supercharged session shows use of EstimatorXpress.

Smart Success Stories

Tune in to an interview with a real building firm’s MD and find out how they use EstimatorXpress.

Webinar: EstimatorXpress

Getting your estimates out fast, accurately and professionally every time is essential to winning the job. Join us for a demonstration of EstimatorXpress where we’ll take you through the speedy creation of an estimate and show you how to save time estimating, ensure complete accuracy and produce business-winning quotes to help you sand out from the crowd.


Smart Safety – it’s seriously easy

How to Session –  CDM 2015 Training – Helping building firms understand their responsibilities

Construction (Design & Management) 2015, commonly known as CDM 2015 is the biggest shake up in Health and Safety in over a decade. CDM are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects. The aim is for health and safety considerations to be treated as a normal part of your project’s development, not an afterthought or bolt-on extra.

Smart Success Stories

Tune in to an interview with a real building firm’s project manager and find out how they use Health & Safety Xpert.

Webinar: Health & Safety Xpert – See how the latest edition can help you with CDM 2015

Smart Builders use Health & Safety Xpert because they take the HSE and their health and safety obligations seriously and are often worried about the consequences of non-compliance. As well as this we are finding that more and more you need to provide H&S paperwork to win the work.

Smart Working – it’s time to Design & Build

Top tips on becoming a design & build firm

Join Adrian Wild, Managing Director of HBXL, who ran a design and build firm for over 20 years building hundreds of extensions and houses as he gives you his top tips on becoming a successful design and build firm.

Smart Success Stories

Tune in to an interview with a real building firm’s MD and find out how they use Visual Estimating.

 Working Smarter

HBXL software was created by builders, for builders and is designed to help with the day-to-day running of a building firm. It’s also a valuable investment for the future of your business.  See a video interview between Jo Mulgrew, Sales & Marketing Director and Adrian Wild, Managing Director here about ‘working smarter’ – after 20+ years in the construction business – Adrian has seen it all!

Or download our Smart Builders in 2015 guide below .

Smart Builders guide 2015