Be amazed at the ease of drafting plans with PlansXpress and the almost instant estimate production in EstimatorXpress. Become a client super hero and impress with high impact plans, stunning visuals plus business-winning quotations in no time. It’s our top seller of 2015. Watch the 3d Visual Estimating Video and find out why.

Either start your plan from scratch or import an existing plan then import to EstimatorXpress for a professional estimate – revolutionary!

Designed for novices, PlansXpress is really easy to use, so drawing your plans from scratch (with a 3D model building as you go!) is a doddle – then export them to EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate. Perfect for design and build firms.

Alternatively if you have an existing set of building plans from your client, import them (PDF, JPEG, DXF or DWG files) into PlansXpress, then trace over them onscreen using the super speedy drag and drop tools - then export to EstimatorXpress to calculate the estimate for you!

A bit apprehensive about using software in your business? You'll find it straightforward just like Tony.

"The beauty of PlansXpress is that it is so easy to use, even for someone as IT illiterate as me! It’s perfectly made for the build sector. PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress work seamlessly together making it very easy for me to produce the plans and estimates at the click of a button" Tony James, Syston Construction.

And with customer feedback like this “Don’t think your support could be improved unless you can send a coffee down the internet”, if you have any questions we’ll have you sorted in no time.

Still not sure? We can put you through to real users to chat to you about their experiences.

Want to estimate without estimating? Having drawn your plans it takes just seconds to import your PlansXpress file into EstimatorXpress - then watch it do the number crunching! EstimatorXpress will associate your drawing to its hundreds of thoroughly tested estimating calculators to cost and itemise the work in detail. Not convinced 3D Visual Estimating is that much quicker? We put it to the test. Find out the results here.

Get ahead of the competition with architect quality plans, elevations and 3D models from PlansXpress. Plus knock the socks off your competitors with photorealistic rendering using the 3D PhotoVisualiser plug-in (optional extra). From your plans you’ll get professional quotes that allow you to show as much or as little detail as you want. These quotes are proven to boost your win rate by 230% and give your customers more confidence in you and your business.

It’s proven to save the average builder over 468 hours each year on estimating. That equates to a staggering 67 days’ worth of time-saving each year! Want to see how quick it compares to manual estimating? We put 3D Visual Estimating to the clock. See the results here.

Your plans will be costed and quantified in EstimatorXpress including all your materials, labour and plant to save you hours of time.

It won't make errors in overlooking VAT, wastage, critical costs and/or profit. It will even calculate the wear and tear of your shovel.

Don't believe 3D Visual Estimating can be that good? Have a look at an automatically produced quote and detailed cost breakdown.

EstimatorXpress comes set up with all labour and plant costs built-in. It's just a 10 minute job to update the prices to the rates you pay.

It's often easy to forget to factor in the wear and tear of a shovel, wheelbarrow or roll of lead and these will automatically be estimated, direct from your plans. Ensure you make maximum profit by including every material in your estimate - every time!


Team up with EstimatorXpress, the industry standard for estimating software and let us help you win more business. It’s proven to improve your win rate!

Having imported your plans you’ll get over 80 management reports from your estimate data in EstimatorXpress. As well as a full breakdown of costs, cutting lists, material schedules (Bill of quantities) and labour schedules it will also tell you how much profit you are going to make and provide cashflow analysis. Plus the Stage Payment Calculator optional extra will help ensure you get paid on time.

Get organised. On importing your plans, select the build programme template to easily produce professional, full colour build programmes within EstimatorXpress to ensure contractors are on site, on time, as well as impressing clients and the bank. Update your build programme and all your estimate reports will automatically be updated without you having to retype a thing!

The Stage Payment Calculator Bonus Pack for EstimatorXpress creates professional reports scheduling payments for your customer. This means you can get paid for work and materials as you go along so you’re not out of pocket. Requires EstimatorXpress v.8 to run.

Use the Invoice Generator to raise invoices for your customers directly from your EstimatorXpress job (having imported your plans!)– and save them (as a Word document) to edit with your own details and company logos. The Bonus Pack will also allow you to generate credit notes linked to invoices already raised, to a variation or by a custom amount.

Starting to draft plans or converting your estimating methods over to software could seem a bit daunting. We place unrivalled customer support as our top priority which is why we provide Tutorial Guides, an online support desk, telephone support, video tutorials and much, much more. Plus you can contact us by telephone with any questions and we will ensure you're drawing plans and creating business-winning estimates from day one.

Exclusive to HBXL, Visual Estimating is used by more successful Builders, Contractors and Trade Subcontractors throughout the UK than any other software, and the winner of multiple awards year on year, it's the industry standard for CAD, estimating, pricing and quoting.
Check out our estimating software and CAD software reviews to see how other firms rate EstimatorXpress and review PlansXpress.

Exclusive X-Connex™ data sharing technology exchanges information about a job between software products. You can only get this type of technology with HBXL and means that from drawing a set of plans right through to producing the estimates, health and safety and contracts you only need to enter the project information once!