Seven ways to make more money on your building projects

I’m pleased to bring you a whopping seven ways to make more on your building project – and this is the best bit – with virtually no extra work on your part.

I’m not suggesting you’re currently losing money. But you’re in the business to make good money for all sorts of reasons, so…

  • Suppose I told you that you could be making more?
  • What if you’re not grabbing every pound you can?
  • What if money is slipping through your fingers?
  • Are you really maximising your profits?

Basically, HBXL is here to help you build a long term future for your business. It’s not about a quick buck. It’s not about taking your money and running. We’re here for the long haul and we want you to have a viable, profitable business for years to come.

You may be able to implement these seven actions yourself, using your own estimating method. But if you want the dead easy solution I’d recommend EstimatorXpress and its ready-populated quote templates, or our Take-off & Estimate Kit where you trace your plan and the software gives you an estimate. Take a quick look through the list here.

Seven ways to make more money on your building projects

1 . How much is your time worth? You can’t afford to spend too long on estimating

Our software reduces your estimating time massively. By multiple days each month not just hours. Think of how you could use that time – whether on the business or on your personal life.

2. Old prices mean you’re under-quoting by possibly £1000s

This is an obvious one of course. Finding the latest prices is timing consuming. Use our monthly updated Price Book for accurate prices will make sure you don’t pick up the shortfall. Our Price Tracker™ service is unique to EstimatorXpress.

3. Forgetting items in your quote comes out of your profit

That CAN’T happen with our software – EVERYTHING is itemised. Our team spent months putting together estimating calculators for every single process of every stage of a build, down to the number of nails needed. We’ve done the head-scratching so you don’t have to.

4. What about wastage and wear and tear?

Tools will disappear. Equipment will break or break down. Bricks and tiles will get wasted. Screws will disappear down a crack. It all adds up. The software automatically calculates these costs. It gets absorbed into the cost.

5. What about all your overheads? Someone has to pay.

It’s not good business practice to pay for the leases, the standing orders, credit card etc out of the surplus from your jobs. That’s not the job of your profit margin. Once you’ve told the software the overhead figure it will spread the cost across the job so you don’t have to declare it.

6. Inflation? Are your prices based on what you’ll pay in six months time when you order?

The construction business is a tough one to be in as the FMB have recently set out in stark numbers. At the time of writing inflation is tracking at just over 9%. The software has your back – you can have a now and then quote. So how much it would cost if you started the job today, and how much it will cost when you actually order the materials – which will most likely be more.

7. Are you adding a healthy profit margin?

Give the software the % and it’ll do the rest. What’s healthy? At least 20% or 30%. The right customer will pay the right price for quality work. The customer who haggles at the start will be the customer who quibbles the final payment… Watch the video about why and how.

So there you have it. There are of course more than seven ways to make more money – your building projects, when well managed, can really protect your profit from delays and set backs. But make these happen and you’re well on your way.


Ok so you don’t want to get to grips with a software programme… but think of the bigger picture. If you want more money in the bank then what’s a few hours at the laptop? Plus it’s way easier than you realise!


Once you’ve (easily) mastered the software you’ll reap the long-term rewards. Call us on 0117 916 7898. Book a short online demonstration and we’ll give you a quick tour of your future – a more financially stable one…