Providing design and build service opens more doors for UK builders

Build firms looking to extend their operation should consider adding a design service to their tool kit and steal a march on their competitors.

With only 14 per cent of UK-based SME builders claiming to provide some form of design and build service means there’s an open door for those looking to expand.

Bosses at HBXL, the country’s leading developer of building software, are now advising house builders and developers take a look at tools which will allow them to easily draw plans and elevations and then automatically produce estimates from the drawings.

Suited for both Spec Building and Custom Building, using the combined power of HBXL’s PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress software packages house builders and developers will not only be able to charge for the design service, but impress clients further by providing a full design to build offering.

Joanna Mulgrew, product development director at HBXL said: “The fact that only 14 per cent of builders provide a design and build service means there’s a huge opportunity.

“If Spec Building our software will help house builders and developers keep costs down in terms of architects and QS fees if they do the design and estimate themselves.

“If the project is for a Custom Building, our software will help the builder come up with the scheme, help get planning as well as giving the client a realistic budget straight away.

PlansXpress is simple to use and allows builders to easily draw their own plans and elevations without the need for any training or employing the services of an architect which can be costly.

PlansXpress v.5 | CAD Software for Builders

“Ideal for planning applications and building regulations. Builders are able to print architect quality, working drawings in plan format as well as producing automatically generated elevations and 3D visuals.

“These plans are then automatically priced up by importing them into EstimatorXpress which calculates the cost of the job instantly including all materials, labour and plant, demonstrating to the client exactly where their money is going.

“This has to be worth its weight in gold for the time saved in costing a job from a drawing which is typically many man hours if not days of work.

“To produce plans and estimates for a new house can be done within a day. Allowing the builder to have their drawings and costs in front of a customer within a couple of days.

“Customers wanting a job to start sooner rather than later will invariably go with the builder who has responded to their brief with professionally laid out plans, estimates and schedules of works. Not only that, the estimates produced by EstimatorXpress are always right up to date due to the software’s unique link to local builders’ merchant price lists.

“It’s a huge leap from the traditional methods and empowers the builder with a means to win more work.

“If you as a builder can demonstrate your professionalism in the design and building of extensions or lofts then I’m sure your services will be in high demand in the foreseeable future.”

For further information on HBXL’s PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress please call 0117 916 7898.