New Health & Safety Xpert for 2022

Health & Safety XpertThe new Health & Safety Xpert 2022 update is here! Did you know there is new guidance on Covid-19 for construction sites? And totally separately, are you aware of the new rules effective from 6th April 2022 relating to Personal Protection Equipment? Do you use limb (b) workers? Not sure what the (b) means, then read on!

Health & Safety Xpert 2022 has been updated in line with the above changes, along with an update to synchronise with EstimatorXpress 2022. Take a look at the detail of the software update here:

Updated documents to align with latest March 2022 Government Covid-19 guidelines

Updated documents to align with new PPER 2022 regulations. From 6 April 2022 the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) apply. They are an amendment to 1992 Regulations (PPER 1992). They extend employers’ and employees’ duties regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) to limb (b) workers.

Read the full story on the new PPE changes that will impact your building firm >>

Updated documents for both Covid-19 and PPER 2022 include;

    • TT05 Legal duties of employees (PPE update)
    • TT18 Personal protective equipment (PPE update)
    • TT85 Covid-19 (Covid update)
    • TT86 Tool hygiene and reducing spread of Covid-19 (Covid update)
    • HS27 Company Health & Safety Policy (Covid and PPE update)
    • HS00 Construction Phase H&S Plan (Covid and PPE update)
    • HS05 Site Induction (Covid and PPE update)
    • HS09 Site Setup Checklist HS09 Site Setup Checklist
    • HS17 Site Rules (Covid and PPE update)
    • HS25 Site Audit (PPE update)
    • HS31: Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 – Client, principal designer, designer, principal contractor and contractor duties (link update)
    • HS35: Contractors responsibilities for domestic clients under CDM 2015 (link update)
    • HS40: Design risk management checklist (PPE update)

Updated embedded software and document links to HSE and Government advice

Synchronisation and compatibility with EstimatorXpress 2022


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