More than just an estimate

Set yourself apart with 3D Visual Estimating. Become one of only 14% of UK builders to offer your clients a one-stop-shop design and build service.

We’ve combined PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress to create revolutionary 3D Visual Estimating.  Scan and trace existing plans or draw detailed 2D plans from scratch in PlansXpress before using our unique X-Connex technology to take off an estimate in just 2 minutes using EstimatorXpress.

It’s software designed for IT novices and goes so much further than simply providing plans and a quote. It’s all the hidden extras that make 3D Visual Estimating truly groundbreaking…

Build Program and cash flow reports:

Easily produce professional, full colour Build Programs with EstimatorXpress to ensure contractors are on site, on time, as well as impressing clients and the bank. Update your Build Program and all your estimate reports will automatically be updated without you having to retype a thing!

The Build Program gives your customers and prospective lenders confidence that you have used a realistic timescale when planning the build.  Using it to establish lead times for deliveries also helps prevent delays on site.

It even creates a cash flow tabular report and chart to outline when and where during the project you should be paid. Follow the reports to stay on time and budget.

Materials Ordering reports:

The Materials Ordering reports generate alongside the Build Program. As well as a full cost breakdown, cutting lists, material schedules (Bill of quantities) and labour schedules they will also tell you how much profit you are going to make in a profit forecast report and provide cash flow analysis.

Using this information you can significantly cut down on the time spent visiting merchants. By giving your supplier a complete schedule for an entire job you have greater bargaining power when negotiating prices and amounts. It will even help stop over-ordering, preventing merchant restocking fees from eating into your profit.

Hidden expenses:

Whilst most builders can ‘guesstimate’ the cost of a job fairly accurately it is just the cost of the job itself they consider. EstimatorXpress takes into account all those hidden expenses you might not think to consider.  Legal fees, site surveys, insurance etc. can add up to thousands of pounds and even small additional costs like wear and tear or wastage can affect your profit.

EstimatorXpress remembers all these and more. Take the lottery out of estimating and ensure you’ve got some money set aside for those extra costs that can pop up during a build.

What are you waiting for?

With over 80 reports automatically generating to keep you on time and budget, 3D Visual Estimating promises accuracy and makes you 233% more likely to win work.

To read more about 3D Visual Estimating click here. Why not give us a try and get started now? We offer personal demonstrations and 14 day free trials so you can see for yourself how the software can help you and you business. Follow the links and fill in the forms or call one of our friendly support team on 0117 916 7898.  We can’t wait to hear from you!