June 2024 Sale: Pick your winning team today

Our June 2024 Sale – it’s game on! Whether you’re watching the Euros this June or not, it’s a great excuse for us to use all the football puns!  Pick either the winning 25% off a lifetime (perpetual) licence or 15 months for the price of 12 on a subscription. You call the shots. It’s your choice – just don’t park the bus because the deals end at 5pm 28.6.24.

You can pay upfront and own the software for good. Or you can pick the software tool(s) you want ‘on loan’ for 12 months and we’ll extend the contract by 3 months. That’s a 15-month subscription for the price of 12! (Note BuildProjex is only available on subscription).

How are things shaping up for your business in 2024 – are you top of your group? It’s all about tactics and choosing the right formation. Pick your winning team here:


If you need fresh attacking power up front then you want EstimatorXpress – it will fill your trophy cabinet with big wins. Its accuracy is back page news day in day out. A goal hanger yes, but it’s a finisher, and well worth the spend. You’ll get a return on your investment in no time.

EstimatorXpress Plus

SAVE £400! £1199+VAT £1599+VAT lifetime licence or

£649+VAT for 15 months sub (£162 worth of free months)

In need of some assists? Put BuildProjex on the wing. A new signing for HBXL, it can outperform any job management tool in the game. It understands the task in hand. Everyone knows what they’re doing and where they have to be.

BuildProjex – 5 users

£949+VAT for 15 months sub (£237 worth of free months)

If you fancy some show-boating in front of you clients – the 3D models in PlansXpress are for you. An attacking midfielder it creates some excellent scoring opportunities. It’s technically amazing, and makes what it does look so easy – and that’s because it is.

PlansXpress Plus

SAVE £350! £1049+VAT £1399+VAT lifetime licence or

£549+VAT for 15 months sub (£137 worth of free months)


Have you got a strong defence? Do you feel well protected? Sleep easier at night knowing you’ve got Health & Safety Xpert on your side. A sweeper, it intelligently reads the game, ready to tackle all kinds of jobs with all the relevant paperwork.

Health & Safety Xpert Plus

SAVE £350! £1049+VAT £1399+VAT lifetime licence or

£549+VAT for 15 months sub (£137 worth of free months)


In goal who else would you want other than ContractsXpert. Dependable. Shuts down any bad practice. No one’s going to get the better of this shot-stopper. In a penalty situation, the customer or sub-contractor won’t get the better of it.


SAVE £163! £486+VAT £649+VAT lifetime licence or

£199+VAT for 15 months sub (£50 worth of free months)

When’s the final?

5pm on 28.6.24. There’ll be no extra time.


Our Big June 2024 Sale ends on 28.6.23 so start making your choices. It could change your business forever – saving you time and making you more money. Call us on 0117 916 7898 or visit the online shop. Use code TAKE3 at the checkout for your subscription deal. The 25% discount on perpetual licences has already been applied in the shop.

Whether you like the beautiful game or not, you’ll be a fan of HBXL software tools in no time.

Terms & Conditions apply. Promotions cannot be combined with any pre-agreed discounts or other promotions.